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Volume 3 #44 November 16, 2016
Lately I've been hearing lyrics and tunes in my sleep. I love music! I think I'm gettin' a little bit of a self induced Freud fix-all-cure. (INFO ALERT! There are no couches in Psychland. Film makers must get extra davenport dollars in their cushion cache coffers. You may now return to this column.already in progress) I so hate the nightmares I often suffer thru they're truly awful. Had them since I was two years and eleven months old. Tell me why...a....a...why, I play out these songs in me? I'm down on my bended knee... won't you please answer me? OOPS! There I go trippin' in lyric and song, again! I guess I am a night tripper. One way ticket, yeah. I wanna stop em and yet I don't. It's like a mind emotional disguise. Judy in disguise with glasses. Stop! I don't even like that song! This has got to enda, little girl. I'll try to reckon this thru with or without the lyrical interceptions. This analytical feat ain't gonna be easy. Take it easy, take it easy, don't let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy. Told ya! But oooh boy do I love this music! Well, I'll try to tune in the reasons for this truck route along the musical highway, again. Let's go for it. Perchance my mind is trying to protect itself from the real life misselection blues out of tune and melody. Trump was elected to lead this country to rage and ruin. (that was close, I'm still diggin' on CCR) Was anybody listening to his crude and rude lingo of lies! I guess no! Only the brain sucked gits! The hearing and feeling ones picked up on his non-solutioned promises. Rancid, prideful, locker-rot ravings about his female fortunes and crud filled tic-tac conquests. I feel for Hillary's pain. She has had to ignore and study upon her off key responses to these vapid attacks and try to hold her values, feelings and temper in check. More power and peace to her! I guess that explains some of my lyric-mares. So, we must move, even though baby's in black and we're all feeling blue but oh what can we do? Tell me oh... what can we do? Just keep runnin' on faith!

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