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Volume 1 #9 August 30, 1999
I have posted many a column on the ol' web. I test them out on my best friend of more years than either of us like to admit. We even have matching T-shirts alerting onlookers. She and I always finish each other's thoughts and sentences. My significant other cannot fathom how we are able to talk on the telephone for, and this is a minor conversation, at the very least: two hours. We are somehow able to stretch one small sentence into a movie of the week. Listen up Hollywood! Oh well, we reckon that our phones are tapped and the FBI is getting such a great earful that they're ignoring dangerous criminals to listen in on our next mind boggling installment! We speak of the good times and bad. But we always laugh. This is good for the body. It is a proven fact that a person looses weight while engaging in a laughter fest! This is an exercise program that even Richard Simmons hasn't marketed! So, getting back to the original point, she requested that I write a column on her favourite cause: saving animals. She is a magnet when it comes to stray critters. Cats, dogs, birds. Name the species. I affirm she would bottle feed fish! She is a very beautiful and loving person. She seldom gets the recognition she deserves. She usually gets criticism. It hurts her. But she doesn't complain. Well... much. She and I are children of the '70's. No, we didn't do drugs. We just hang on to the belief that peace is the only answer. So, if you should happen to see two girls (we won't admit to being any older than 25) wearing love beads and protesting in favour of some worthy cause, waft some money our way. We both have guilt complexes so you can be assured that your donation will arrive at the appointed charity. Thank you, my best friend. This one's for you.

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