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Volume 3 #43 June 6, 2016
Just watched "Brand: The Second Coming". It's a doc behind the scenes look at his 2015 with remembrances that charged up his performance in 2010's "Get Him To The Greek". My best friend Rosie and I have always been anglophiles since the Beatles' British invasion. My Beatle, George, is sorely missed by many but most importantly me! Rosie's is Paul. But I think he's a bit on the dumb side. Cor, three marriages that didn't work? Granted the first was Linda, who unfortunately died of cancer. Heather Mills really is a suck-off-shite money grabber and Paul didn't get a prenup? Number three I don't know much about. Don't care. Back to Russell Brand. Brilliant or sucking us about? Don't know, son. The manner in which he strings words together is mind boggling! I am major impressed. That's a word I don't use a lot 'cause I don't trust easy. Just ask my hubby. He'll give you the low down on me. Blimey, back to Russell. I have two of Mr. Brand's books, courtesy my FABulously generous hubby. They are: "My Booky Wook" and "Booky Wook Two (This Time It's Personal)". I haven't gotten thru both of them, yet. But I will. I'm mostly finished with the first but haven't yet started the second. His words are tragic and magic. This man is a thinker or a con artist. Don't know which, mate. He looks fantastic and is a word weaver. You be the judge and jury. Don't be his executioner unless it's executing his loving and caring nature. He is a complexitationer. You won't find the definition in any unabridged dictionary. Give it a go blokes. Run with him and learn. That is if you can try to stay his pace. Watch and learn. Make up your own minds' will. Contemplate and most importantly - think! Thanks, Russell Brand for being a star to dream, do and wish upon.

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