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Volume 3 #42 April 27, 2016
The 2016 vile-vie for the presidential candidacy is a psychotic circus. I have been following these since I was 13 years old and never in all that time have I witnessed such a despicable mess. It boggles any sane thinking person's mind. As where to start carving this rancid turkey apart, for one thing, it seems to have begun 2 years ago or 200 years or 2000. Who knows? It may never end. You repugnant republicans started with 17 grabit gobblers. It took less time to build the elusive pyramids than it did to watch your split-rail debates. The Dems were less in countship but just as disgusting in courtship. As of this writing, the gobblers were 3 nut-filled slobs. Number 1 has got to be Donald the "King of loud rudeness and any semblance of civility". My lil guy once said that G. W. Bush was selected by the same masochistic fools who he beat with leather whips and Cheney chains. In his first reign of "W. the terrible", they had evidently not shed enough dumb blood. So, they begged them for more anguish. Back to the current dilemma. I cover the Trumpster now. A bleak take on the less media covered loons: Cruz and Kasich. There are rumors or innuendoes that they are in cahoots to unite and overthrow the Trumpetman. Denial... denial... denial! Isn't that one of the five stages of grief? Must be, cause I certainly am caught up in it. Back to the Dems. We have HIllary, the "Steal and Snatch Bitch". I really cannot bear up during her caustic rants. but she's got "Bill the good" on her sleeve, even though she was so unlikable that during his 1992 run for Prez campaign, he had to hide her from public viewings 'cause she was major turning people off! So, babies, I ainŐt the only one! Now, we come to "Grandpa" Bernie Sanders. I nicked him with that endorsement 'cause both of my grandfathers died before I was born and he seems quiet and calm and gentle as I want to believe my granddads would have been. I like his ideas on education, law enforcement and health care. My lil guy and I donated our 27 dollars to his campaign fund. I have always been a dreamer. So, who can say that it is impossible for Bernie to win the candidacy and then on to being elected President? You voters can help by saying no to the Trumpster, "King of crude", and HIllary "Queen of mendacity".

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