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Volume 3 #41 April 12, 2012
What was with this 2012 Executive race? the "Grand Old Party" always raises the dirty flag pole positions. That's a given. But, in all my years of keeping tentaful eyes and ears on the debates or debacles, sound bites and back bites, I have never witnessed such a scenario of suck. I think that the OED needs to create a new definition for this maladicious-mucked-up, major marred, bleedin' mess! The Republican Party is now blowing horns and throwing confetti upon one "Golden Calf" candidate. They were fingerloaded aiming at each other. Who scores the most oral blowback for bellowing about "right-to-lifers", abortion, budget cuts, taxes (raised or lowered), war in the mideast, religious righteousness (tho this lot and their individual antics are quite dicey). So, the hyper-heinous list changed on. Even Quasimodo in his bell tower deafness could hear the bellows of your shoutings of greed and arrogance. I am sick of your bellicose blatherings. So, I employ my "Freedom of Remote Act". I switch the channel to something much more relevant and grey matter worthy. Hang on... "Breaking News"! Beware Mitt Romney, you're the chosen Right Winger. You have to beat President Barack Obama. And I've been informed that yet another political faction has been formed. It's the "B-flicksters"; "The Three Stooges Conquer Washington,D.C.

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