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Volume 3 #40 June 2, 2010
This is an open letter to President Barack Obama. I'm gonna put it all out there. What happened? I want answers, as do the others who confidently voted for you. You promised positive change. Positive non G.W. change. What happened? This time, I'll be more specific. I watched all of the debates. Both blue and red. You came out on top for many reasons. Senator John Kerry (President, I wish) threw his support to you 'cause the noodle: John Edwards offended Mr. Kerry's dignity with his wandering spelunking noodle. Mr. Obama, you got the nom and nod. You are now the Big Kahuna! Congrats. You won the Powerball jackpot politico spot. Again, what happened? You promised to pull the troops out of Irag. Have you lowered your arrogant chin long enough to realize that they are still there? What, again, happened? Your health care bill was so over-inked that no one, donkeys or elephants could dissect it. Even we, the insignificant insects, could not comprehend. Again, what happened? You changed to a smaller pen and still we got nothing copasetic going. Spill it, Mr. Obama! What happened. Yeah, you went to the Gulf Coast long enough for the BP to spew out the only oil, pay-by-day, clean up extras who vacated as quickly as you. Bypass - - what happened. Now, the catch phrase is: Spill it. You don't have a clue, do ya? So, spill it. Why didn't you don a hazmat suit and draft your Prez. guards to do the same? Spill it, Mr. Obama. You did the photo ops. You met with the Parish Presidents. Then, you and your arrogant chin, split, or is it spilled, into Air Force One. You have been offered celeb options. Do Kevin Costner and Steve Baldwin ring a bell? I guess they don't. Your upturned ego-chin does not allow your heart to spill over and take Federal action. This was the ultimate test of your metal of deserving the title of Mr. President. You failed. Your over spilt pride in your GPA at Harvard is well... spilt milk. This time it's black. It's black, murky destructive oil. Let go of your ego and DO SOMETHING or your political career is spilt, spoiled and polluted.

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