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Volume 3 #38 August 24, 2008
The Paparazzi. I love watching bios on, well you can probably reckon through which cable source. Inevitably, I find a biography about a person who is historically relevant or an actor who is the current flavor of the month or has unfortunately melted away and is now doomed to the sidewalk of stains. The big shot babies all seem to have a common theme: "We cannot abide your invasion of our privacy. So, Paparazzi do not snap us". Timer trip: I don't think that during the Roman and Greek heydays they had invented the Brownie yet. So, their celebs would have had to sit in embarrassing positions for hours on end. And then smashed the painter over the head with the canvas blasphemed and then declared: "Invasion of privacy"! Throughout my viewing of these "dirty little secrets" caught on flash bulbs is that they appear self serving to both sects. These actors react as though camshooters are assassins, bashing verbally and, at times, physically at them. To me, they royally court them. A certain planted princess trods to mind. They act out, they adorn themselves in eye catching and revealing garb. They should fear the day when the Paparazzi back off their livelihood shoot 'em ups and utter: "Nah". "I couldn't peddle you to the lowest rag that I polish my car with". The Paparazzi are cahooting with the time tested and proven P. R. dictum: "As long as they spell your name correctly...". Well, ya get the game. I wouldn't let the cam shot cravers freak me out as I put my pen to paper. I'd just say: "Could you shuffle to the left? It's my good side". Sadly, few want to take pix of a small time scribbler. We just crunch it out. 'Cause that fulfills the passion of our art.

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