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Volume 3 #37 June 15, 2008
Well, we have had seventeen months of outcrying showmanship of the candidates that want to run our country and our fate. We are down to one on either side and one of them must be stunned. We Democrats and some enlightened Republicans desire change. So, we raise our hands in signs of peace and display the Obama flag. We look at John McCain and think of an immoral war that he wills to carry on. We all remember Vietnam and the peace marches that went on. I don't know if either war will cause a change in hearts. Deep inside myself I know Peace will never come. Now, ya know the domestic fighting begins. The attack is on and we watch everyday on CNN to see the arrows thrown. The Senator McCain attacks his opponent's wife 'cause she supposedly said "whitey" in a church. As for me, I don't know 'cause I wasn't invited to be in first pew. As for McCain and his booze heiress wife. Does anybody know that wifey number two: the well coifed Cindy stole prescription drugs from a clinic and illegally swallowed them herself? But she beat the clouded rap by hubby's connection to the graft. Now, the topic is, who will be each one's travelin' Veep. I don't know and if they do, they're only relatin' it to their own keep. I guess we will get the scoop or rhyme it for ourselves in some sleep we dream. I think that Hillary covets her nose shining in the sun. Even if it's number two, she might, in eight years sparkle as number one. But Bill may not want to be low jacked into number 3. After all, he was the number one who set us debt free. We must still wait two months plus one for the conventions to convene. But a lot will descend on us before we hit that chaotic scene. If only money did not rule and it was only votes that count. We might be able to rid ourselves of the antiquated Electoral College and chads that hang in lies. But then, I guess I wouldn't be stuck in a Democratic/Republic and I could really state my mind!

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