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Volume 3 #36 February 26, 2008
I Love Lyrics. I am a lyric freak! I adore and probably am addicted to singer/songwriters. Some say: "I like the beat. It's good to dance to." That's American Bandstand. I love Dick Clark the eternal teenager. I don't want to think of his illness. He will always be "Forever Young". Which strings back to lyrics. Gordon Lightfoot is my favorite. He fashions my angst, angry and happy feelings. If you listen to every word written and sung, you can see the pictures he paints that last forever on the canvas of your heart and mind. Track back to "Forever Young". Bob Dylan is somehow a persuasive talent. Don't really know why. He can barely sing and uses the same melody over and over again. Maybe it's because his protest songs carried into the sixties and beyond. Perhaps, "The Band" had some effect. Ever watched "The Last Waltz"? Robbie Robertson is easy on the eyes and his shred guitar licks flourish with style and elegance. Save the best for last: The "Beatles". The Paul/John collaboration was simple and successful on the early tracks. Separation and departure were eminent. They always said they would not be the "Beatles" forever. George is my Beatle... I know... I know... he's no longer with us. So difficult to say - Dead. His last album "Brainwashed" is a masterpiece! Three bouts with cancer and he still plays his fancy guitar and sings like an Angel. I realize his previously recorded "Beware of Darkness" was to comfort us all. George wrote the line "Beware of sadness". That does just the opposite for me. I weep at the all consuming lyrics. Sorry, George. Well, I vented and hopefully gave you the drive to listen to the lyrics. Not Rap/crap. That's just noise. Not Hip Hop. Only repitions for non lyricists. Soft Blues. I can dig. I even dipped into HIllbilly Rock. Jazz: My little guy says: "Once they find a note they like, they keep playing it." When it comes down to me: "It's only Rock and Roll but I love it!"

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