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Volume 3 #35 October 24, 2007
Any of you loyal, patriotic "Amuricans" out there aware of the fact that we are living in and supporting a crippled society? This "land of the free" has been twisted and torn to shreds. It has sadly become a disease that is infecting the entire world. Thanks to one gigantic virus! George W. Bush. He truly is the epitome of that kid who is very familiar to us all. The school yard bully! He thinks he's so tough that all the other kids will rally 'round him or fear him. Yeah, but when things get a bit dicey he always has mommy Babs' skirts to hide behind. Warning: G. W. This is a concept that completely alludes your "Dustbuster" brain vacated head. But there is a faction of us who will not just back away and cave into your fear tactics. Mr. Bush, we grew up. Well, at least, according to the last election 55 million of us did. I cannot understand the 59 million screwed over dolts that you and the late Reverend Pat Robertson conned into sucking votes out of. But the Republican suck up Rev. is dead. Thank the Lord that the Constitution forbids you from scalding our crippled society with further immoral crimes by denying you a chance at a third term. I do not know, as yet, what Democrat I will be voting for in November 2008. But it will definitely be a Democrat! I just pity the one who must succeed you in your office of deceit and destruction. Your historic legacy will be the most heinous that books will print: G. W. Bush believed that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel.

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