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Volume 1 #7 August 16, 1999
This week's gripe is about the "no-follow-thru" gripers. The ones that phone you up or bend your ear at work or some social function and go on and on about things they just cannot tolerate another millisecond. Then, do absolutely nothing to try to change whatever it is that's stuck in their bobbing craws. They keep unloading on you about the same tired subject that they just shouldn't be forced to withstand. You want to reach out and Heimlich the constant complaints straight out of 'em! I am a hands on, open mouthed, write 'em, call 'em - whatever it takes - MVP Gripest! I don't like a television program. I call the station. Then, (and this hits them where their dough really rises) I call the sponsors and inform them that if they buy any more advertising time on that show, I will never spend my "Dead Green Presidents" on their products. That ripples the old airwaves! Tell that to fellow gripers - nah - they don't deserve the title. They are whiners! They want us "Black Belt" holders to do their fightin' for them. Invitation to any organization or pushers of merchandise: Send me a no return postage required questionnaire or solicitation and you will get your postal discount worth. NASA made that "Giant Leap". I told them what I thought. The gist of it was: If there are any intelligent lifeforms out there, why would they suddenly go "Super Brain Dead" and approach this planet? We'd blow 'em right out of the sky!
The "Red Meat" industry wanted me to purchase their "Beefy Instruments of Destruction", as in the Amazon Rain Forest Travesty. I told them where they could best utilize their sharp sirloin tips. There are other examples but you're getting my attitude drift. Sooooo... I'm on a few "Hit Lists". I don't cross picket lines. I protest 'til my "Bleeding Heart" needs a transfusion. Proud to do so. And so should you be. I award no prizes, here. Just a reasonably clean conscience. And when you finally force that cluttered brain of yours to sleep, remember, as long as you react and act, you belong to the "Elitist Group": "Gripers Unanimous"!

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