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Volume 3 #34 July 26, 2007
I have been avoiding the urge to voice my opinions on politics for quite a time. I am still mourning the loss of "my dream President" John Kerry. Bush is such an easy target. Every comedian takes shots at him. And then there's Cheney. Why couldn't the short, fat, little slime ball have shot himself in the foot instead of "accidently" almost taking out another gun nut? Speaking of gun nuts and I will. Why does every potential Presidential candidate have to be "photo opt" with a shot gun across their arm, wearing a plaid shirt and sporting the "I just killed Bambi's mother grin"! Is it just me or did everyone weep their way through that flick? I dearly love the late Walt Disney but did he have to wreak havoc on us with Bambi and Old Yeller? Oh, well. Maybe we all needed to be scared into a cry fest. Which brings us 'round to the current cattle pen of candidates. There's Hillary who is draping Bill over her shot gun targeted arm to fend off other gun toters. Barack's ballistic abilities fall short of hitting the target this season. I think he needs to spend some marshy mornings in a duck blind before he earns his license. The other would be contenders are pitiful shots. My gosh. They couldn't win a cupie doll at a carnival! Politics in the long run is a crap shoot! Ya ride the carousel and reach for the brass ring. I just wish we could get a gold one!

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