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Volume 3 #33 June 27, 2007
Stupid. It's a stupid word. Not tryin' to be redundant. Just truthful. There are occasions when stupidity is accurately bestowed. Let's say: just off the top of some, flying fowl, here. Or, more correctly, the bottom. A certain anal retentive Bush needs to be pelted with the truth. "Cause he is... Really stupid... When... He thinks he's being truthful... I got lost there. But the bird didn't. It cast its Doo Dahs on target. Too bad you feathers - for - brains dullards who re-upped him didn't. I am proudly part of that left - wing - dove - supportive formation who shouted: "Enough is enough!" How many bulimics' dreams must I endure 'til someone cries out: that bird dropped the much needed message! Okay, I vented. Birds of all colors are kind to me. My dry cleaning instructions do not include: remove the bird drop stains. As a child, we're strikin' serious, now. I was constantly told I was stupid. Even though, as recorded in my baby book, my first uttered word was "nice". Eternal optimist or the "I must please all" syndrome. I dunno. To me, stupid was the dumbest adjective I ever heard. Did I mention that, as a tyke, I always carried the "Toddler's Thesaurus". Not that it mattered. "They", those ever ignorant "they people" that hover constantly and peckishly squawk stupid... stupid... stupid. I never paid them no never mind. To check grammatical errors enroll in University Street English 101. Remember, I was only a child, so no one bothered to check my stupid spoken sentences. Let alone my stupid written ones. There's that hurtful word again. Stupid. I never bought into it. I was not stupid and I knew it! It was not I who needed the refresher course. "They" did. 'Cause "they" personified stupidity. Why would any person lay such a trip on a vulnerable young mind? I cannot fathom that no-thinking format. It hurts. But I survived. I was strong. But a lot of young ones don't. Never, ever call your child that ugly word. Stupid will be engraved upon their delicate psyche forever. Words hurt and are a painful reminder of two things: Don't rely on your parents and or, too often, appointed care givers who don't care. And, secondly, don't believe all the garbage they dump on you. Trust in yourselves, young ones. You can achieve. Your dreams can be fulfilled. Never lose faith. Take it from a "stupid labeled person" who refused to be daunted. You are not STUPID. Rave on. Succeed. You will have the satisfaction of never caving. And, who knows, what heights you will conquer and how many stupid naysayers you will step over!

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