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Volume 3 #32 January 1, 2007
Sympathy for Satan. Hell of a great "Stones" song. I think Jagger and "Poor Dead Keith" are highly underrated as song writers. Aw... We all know that Keith Richard ain't dead. He just mirrors up that way. Neither are his lead guitar licks. I've got this romantic obsession for lead players. Sorry, Keith. Just don't happen to have it for you. I'm certain that bitter burst really blew out your amp. Even if our trails had somehow crossed and I had related that info youlda just let out one of those "hack up a lung" laughs. For a long, long time I couldn't stand the sight of you. Dunno why. Maybe, in my ever twirled mind, I blamed you for Brian Jones' death. I was very attracted to the original Rolling Stone's center-stage strummer. Unfortunately, he actually is dead from a drug overdose. He was blond, good looking with a traumatilyzing torture in his eyes. Not your fault, Keith, you didn't shove him to use. Back to the prompting of this penning: "Sympathy for Satan". I think a lot of people misunderstand the meaning of this song. Even when our Lord Jesus Christ bled his tears at Gethsemane while all of his disciples snored who made them fall to sleep? Wake up people! Don't snooze through this Yankee messadministration. Don't be right wing sheep in Pat Robertson's ( aka the Judas Goat ) flock. G. W. and cue ball head Cheney used Robertson's sinister power to get re-upped. As my Little Guy says: "The same people who got screwed over in the first four disastrous years voted to get major big time screwed over, again." The moral warning of this contemplation is: Beware of Lucifer bearing gifts!

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