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Volume 3 #30 June 30, 2006
Bad! Bored! Dangerous! Why is it that all women fall truly and deeply, madly in love with the bad the bored and the dangerous men. Sounds like a Clint Eastwood flick. The pasta was undone and the sauce overly spicy. I think we all want to "live on the ledge" at some point in our lives. Did female cave dwellers originate this trend? I mean did some cave dude cruise by on his Harley? C'mon. They claimed they invented the wheel. Why not add another spinner and you've got the first "Hog" strider! All he needs to complete the ensemble is a very intellectually carved, leather bound tableau. Today, it's a leather-wearing guy in a Porsche with a leather-bound tome of Tennyson that he reads for leisure. He asks you if you want to ride. You take a good, long glance at him and if he's to your liking, you get in even though he just shoves the car door open for you. Then he apologizes for having a prominent spectacle of fine literature on your passenger side. 'Course you're sucked in. He's gorgeous. You're buying the come on. Well, it works. He's no longer boring. But just ask them cave women. They probably would grunt out a warning that translates: "He's still bad and dangerous." But go for it girl! You will get the ride of your life. And, if he should prove to be boring, you've always got the bait book. Wait a minute! Turns out it's blank! You scream: "Let me out at the next library exit." He tosses you those big, brown eyes with the "tude". You're his and you and he know it. Maybe he lives in a condomillion! Anyway, throw out boredom. You know he's the love of your life or those eyes are. Roll the dice. Pick a card. Be forewarned: He just might leave you stranded on a freeway, looking wiser 'cause you're gazing for a Mercedes!

In Memory Of:
I mourn the loss of Aaron Spelling. Mr. Spelling, you will live on in your wife, daughter and son and their families. But, for me, it will always be what I call the "Zip Code Show". Beverly Hills, 90210. Thank you and God Bless you.

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