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Volume 3 #28 May 1, 2006
Because of the many despicable events that have descended on us over the past, oh, shall we say SIX YEARS ever make you feel as though the CD player in your brain has programmed every protest song that you've ever heard or written or sung and then punched it up on repeat? Last night we watched the DVD of George Harrison's "Concert for Bangladesh". George is my Beatle so my little dude gave it to me for my birthday. My favorite song on that multi disc LP has always been his "Beware of Darkness". Someone should pipe that into the current resident's White House and his surrounding bobble heads' haunts at a bazzilion decibel level. But no one would hear or, most sadly, even care. The soul felt declarations to end inequities are coming forward from the peace filled quills voiced by so many from the turbulent sixties. Pete Seeger, Dylan, John Hartford, Gordon Lightfoot and countless other "folkies" who helped enlighten us. Even the rockers rolled it on. The world is mounting protests again! Not all of us are fifty-nine million stupid or seventy odd mil who didn't even bother to cast their aspersions on the swine. I say: "If you don't vote, don't bitch!" All of the marchers, assemblers and enlightened speakers lead to ye old Blunder Blast Bush. I have a theory that he is the Global Jinx. The feeble brained numb nut already produced, wrote, directed and starred in the flick: "Dumb, Dumb Dumber and Getting Even Dumber". The entire world has never been stricken by such excruciating devastation. And it all started with - - Hey! Let's all chant it at once. - - The War in Iraq!. The unfathomed destructive decline in every corner and around each bend is inconceivable. No where is there a "Panic Room" stocked with enough human decency supplies to keep anyone safe. There have been the obvious outreaching disastrous effects from Bush blights. Warring is world wide. Hunger for making sense of his gut decisions has all of us buried in a deep, suffocating quandary. Even the forces of Mother Nature seem to be affected! I don't know why but tsunamis, hurricanes, famines, fires, floods, droughts... the list is endless. It's getting to the point that when I dare to turn on the news and discover that we still have the world we don't want and learn that a deadly road rage or some other crime has been committed. I just say: "Bush strikes again!" He speaks of a pandemic. He is the deadliest one of all. I think the next film due out is the Bushwacked Studios "Scare, Scarier, Scariest". So the next time you're runnin' for cover that ain't there. Pick up on a protest song and sing the lyrics that must lead us to Peace.

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