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Volume 3 #27 February 20, 2006
Super Dodge Ball. Bush Beak Style. The old Bush Bucket always claimed he excelled as an athlete. Turns out he's correct. Well... at Dodging the Truth Ball, anyway. If something goes KABLOOEE in the Mid East (which is an ongoing bloody sadness) he will point his tainted finger elsewhere. Consider the recent claim about the tallest building in Los Angeles. It was the next major terrorist line-of-site attack target after 9/11. Yet the mayor in 2001 was not informed. Even the current mayor was left ignorant on this. Shouldn't someone have been made aware so they could have taken the proper precautions? No they were not. They only got wind of it when the School Yard Bully bragged about creating a diversionary tactic. Oh, he and his RPC (Republican Partners in Crime) want all of us to be sucked into the magnificent moves he made to thwart the plot: playing goalie and not letting a destructive bomb score. Now G. W. is racing down the court frantically whacking his foot at the ball. He deflects it into a rightist corner. Hence, the Patriot Act. Well his face hit the ground on that one. The audience did not applaud. Just a bye bye wave. There are so many instances when fumble foot kicked that Dodge Ball in the wrong direction that the political referees should be penalized! Privatization of Social Security. His HSA muddle of muck. What? Put your life's savings into a bank account that you can only draw on when facing death's door! Dodge over here. Dodge over there. It's working G. W. Your recent disapproval ratings bare it out. The only thing red in your misadministration is the deficit you created. The only thing black are the lies you tell. Dodge that Ball!

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