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Volume 3 #26 January 9, 2006
So this is 2006 and what have we done... I love music so I tend, at times, to speak in song lyrics. Those were left to us by John Lennon. That was when he was deep in the "ONO!" years. Never did comprehend that mucked up match. But really, what have we indeed done? Bush is still resident and stupid. His misadministration continues to crumble. Much as the victims of Hurricane Katrina's lives and homes have. They are displaced. Why can't we do the exact thing to him? And Cheney. And the rest of his bobble-washed "Liars Cabinet". Can't we just get a gigantic chalkboard and erase away the past six years? Give Peace a chance. It's a windmill tilting dream if I ever did have one. Back to reality. Please, please do I have to? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I do. What will happen in the next two years? I shudder at the thought of waiting until January 20th, 2009 when hopefully a PRESIDENT will be inaugurated. Where have you been John Kerry? We need you now when all the world is sad and dreary. Come back into our lives and take us someplace safe. You're the one who can lead us out of this global Bush wrecked mess. I am a hoper. Because I didn't think the world would last this long. I didn't think I'd ever write this column. So, people, don't just think about the shape your body's in. When making your New Year's resolutions look out yonder and see what strife the world is in. Ch...Ch....Ch...Changes are always within our power. Don't play the Patriot's game. Be not the ordinary one. Take a different path. And, perhaps, the world will, Soul by Soul, live as one.

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