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Volume 3 #24 August 8, 2005
Ch-Ch-Ch-Choices. How often do we actually have them? I did not choose the environment I was forced into. My little dude says that we are born with 50 percent genetic propensity and 50 percent what is dealt to us in that oh - so important - 7 year stint called the "formative years". The whole trip is threefold. Good, Bad or Indifferent. Sounds like an Eastwood spaghetti western. My man is very functional. He assesses the situation and logically deals with it. He is loyal, dependable and patient. Okay, everybody hold up your hands and flash the Boy Scout salute! He just is that way, thank God. Because I am an all - over - the - place force to be reckoned with, according to the WW/ WEB.com. I don't think that there is such a place, site... whatever. My little guy is the Wizard of the Web. I just look at the screen and wonder: Why I can't push "M" and get a M*A*S*H rerun? So much for my computer technot skills. Anyway, I wondered if something shook the world on my birth date. April First. Yeah, April Fools Day. Go ahead. Take a shot. I have heard them all! Turns out, with the help of my computer wiz guy, on that day a Five Class hurricane attacked the Atlantic Ocean. I am oddly pleased. Because that might have contributed to my "bounce - off - the - walls" nature. Got to credit something for it. Summing up: It hangs on my genetic and parental needs. Still... that Five Class hurricane..........

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