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Volume 3 #23 June 20, 2005
Hello! You thinking lot! Did you know that the world is flat? Not like a fine wine left in want of a cork or even a cheap beer pull-topped and waiting for a guzzle. Those European folk who refused to sail the ocean blue with Columbus in 1492 were not just scaredy cats. They were, in an odd way, prophesiers. Our current White House resident, GW Bushbeak, can only grasp and treat the world that way. He has some well compensated lackey print a map, steam iron it and then spread it out for his greedy, beady little eyes to briefly gaze upon. Ya see, globes and global objects confuse him. I think the only countries he can identify on his flat map are these United States and Iraq. 'Cause he has wreaked so much havoc in both that they stick in his quick-vac head. This is for the stupid lot. All 59 MILLION of you who voted for the dummy! Don't you know that he is the screwer and you are the screwees? Unless, of course, you pull down over $200,000 worth of greenbacks a year. Who of us can boast that on our take-homes? And what is he trying to force feed down our collective throats with his privatization of Social Security? It ain't flyin'! Gosh, even a toddler with a piggy bank could plunk down a better plan! Take care of your own house, GW, before tragically screwing over another. We are weary of enduring the fallout from your countless indiscretions. Luckily, you don't strain our sight sensory disgust buttons often. Your "press conferences" are as brief and flat as your world map! You always send one of your bottled bubble heads out to gloss and glaze your ongoing resume of brat falls. Your current "major fave" appears to be Condi Rice! I think she has her eyes planted on your flabby Republican seat! 2008 is a fearful, long time away. What disasters will you lay on us next, GW? I shudder at the plausibilities. I sum this up with: Don't be a buzz-cut flat head. Grow out your hair and your brain cells. Don't be a screwee. Join the 55 mil of us who won't be screwed again!

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