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Volume 3 #21 February 21, 2005
G.W. vs. WWJD. I believe that the gist of this column needs a wee bit of clarification to some. G. W. - - - Well we all know toooo much about beak nose and that post nasal - - or is it - - - post blow drip? But the WWJD tenet that he "claims" to live by might need some exposition. I am not writing this to judge because I will be judged the same as he. I was raised up North as a Roman Catholic so that term was not bandied about during our dinner table repartee. So, I learnt this by recognizing that Christian meant "Little Christ". WWJD is used mostly by fundamentalist sects and it is an acronym for "What Would Jesus Do". Consider Bush's actions and orders. - - - Bomb - - - Bomb - - - Kill - - - Kill. Would Jesus condone these orders and actions? Let alone be a participant? I think not. As a Christian, I cannot feature or comprehend this. I pose questions to you, Mr. Bush. Would Jesus be dropping bombs and murdering the people the Lord God created? Would Jesus be lying on the ground, gun readied in his hands, lurking in wait prepared for your "Mission Accomplished" self serving lie on whatever patriot's dream ship you safely set foot upon? You are a hypocrite G. W. You have placed a stain upon Christians and other religious followers world wide that cannot be rubbed out no matter what political cleaning solutions are deployed. No matter how hard they are white washed and scrubbed. This is your sad legacy, Mr. Bush: You proclaim the entire world is at peace or will be under your watch. Your ego and wealth are gigantic! That frightens me. Jesus was a practitioner of no worldly goods. Yet you have that "small farm" in Crawford, Texas. Hah! It is a bazillion acres of blatant ill gotten or inherited gains! The rich man slithering through the eye of a needle comes fast to mind. Stop swinging at golf balls and portraying the local good ole' boy hick and you just might find the faith fulfilling answer. Or, perhaps, for you, it is best a question. WWJD. What Would Jesus Do.

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