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Volume 3 #20 November 8, 2004
Once again, Darkness has befallen the Earth. We're not talkin' solar eclipse, here. Those are rare and magical and they don't last for FOUR MORE YEARS! This is about school yard bully Bush getting a crack at screwing up this country AND the world for FOUR MORE DISASTROUS YEARS! I am distraught. Angry. The most stinging emotion is grief! I am still in mourning. I have placed a black wreath on our front door. Senator John Kerry said we should unite and heal, now. But how do we do it? Heal with a heel? As for you ignorant masochistic Bush voters, why didn't you prick up your obviously deaf ears and realize what has gone down since the egomaniacal imbecile was granted use of the White House? Need I reiterate. Tax cuts for the rich! Education: caput! Health care: flushed like a beloved pet fish! Social security: that's a punchline that needs no set-up joke! People dying daily in a bloody misguided War. Mr. Bush, you stated that people pray for you. Indeed, I prayed. I prayed that you would exit and John Kerry would be our PRESIDENT! Back to the mourning bit. Luckily, my closet is mostly painted black. That is definitely my wardrobe color of choice. My hair is black so it serves as my mantilla. The theme of this column is obviously dark. So are FOUR MORE YEARS of beak-nosed, smirky, G. W. Bush.

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