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Volume 3 #19 October 18, 2004
Let's just get this rockin' on the top of the Billboard charts: I am a John Kerry/John Edwards - punch the CD player on repeat - number one ticket voter! I have a slogan I continually employ. Blame It On Bush! It is justified since the entire world is a mess and anyone who watches even fifteen seconds of news knows that it's his fault. So, Blame It On Bush! It rains on a sunny day. Blame It On Bush! My vacuum cleaner won't suck - although he does - Blame It On Bush! My mail is misdelivered. Blame It On Bush! My cable dies. Blame It On Bush! My favorite TV show is canceled. Blame It On Bush! My electricity dies. Blame It On Bush! Getting the odorous drift, here? My dude has to work overtime. Definitely - Blame It On Bush! The low sodium veggie soup that I eat can't be found at any grocery outlet. Blame It On Bush! My garbage disposal won't chomp. Blame It On Bush! And this one is soooo obvious: when both my clogged toilets overflow at the exact same time on the exact same day and I am on my knees mopping, sopping and sobbing. That is the definitive - Blame It On Bush!

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