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Volume 3 #18 July 11, 2004
Yes! We now have the official winning ticket. John Kerry and John Edwards. Senator Kerry, I have been waiting since 1982 for you to run for top office. This ride around, I think I threw your political hat in the ring before you did! I am a "Kerry Lady". Let's just get that cooking on the front burner. I do, however, wish that John Edwards had a little more seasonings spicing up his simmering "back burner" status. Just a wee dash of criticism. Heck! Mr. Kerry, you know what's copacetic. In early July, I watched "Larry King Live" to listen and observe you and your elegant wife. Teresa Heinz Kerry is the ultimate "Kerry Lady". She has class without being snobbish. She is intelligent without being condescending. You've got a winner and you know it! I watched your eyes while she spoke. True love personified! She is your "sounding board" as she stated. No Hillary shoved down our collective throats. Sidebar: I was born in Pennsylvania. About 60 miles east of Pittsburgh. I remember, as a child, seeing that giant neon "57" sign just before entering the "Pittsburgh Pipes"! A vivid swing blast to the past! Senator and Mrs. Kerry, you are a dream, four years in the waiting, come true. My little guy proudly sports a Kerry bumper sticker on his car. I display my Kerry stick-on-patch wherever I go. I trust you, Senator Kerry. I do not bestow that praise easily. Trust is not my strong suit. Do all of us Yankees proud!
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