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Volume 3 #17 June 28, 2004
I am weary of news. That may sound like I'm uninvolved. I'm not. I am over involved! We are all aware who ignited the kindling to the most devastating Global forest fires. Mr. Bush, didn't anyone warn you that it's dangerous for all of us when you play with matches? I need some down time. A break in the shooting. I am proudly a M*A*S*H addict. For my birthday, my little guy gave me three M*A*S*H T-shirts and two hats! I adore M*A*S*H reruns. That may sound odd because it's about the Korean War. But its main concern is the other side of war. It is about peace. Yeah, you watch 'em twist Kleenex soaked in fake blood. Yeah, they are actors doing their Hollywoodish jobs. Suspend disbelief. Too bad we can't do that in the all too real world! M*A*S*H ran for eleven seasons and garnered one hundred and eleven Emmy nominations. Didn't all you viewers get the message? I'm certain quite a number of you did. It was a showcase for the result of wars. Patch them up. Either send them home or back to the horrors that placed these victims in their care and repair. That's what this world wide mess needs. Care and repair. The problem is where to begin. This is a situation that would try even the wisdom of Solomon. Fellow M*A*S*H addicts when going to the voting booths for whom will you vote? Trapper, B.J., or the ever lovable Hawkeye? Heck! Let's put Klinger in the top spot. He could be the main man and the best dressed First Lady!

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