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Volume 3 #16 Feb. 1, 2004
Alright Democrats! Let's rid ourselves of the Bush Blight! I think there may even be some Republicans out there who think the same... I know... I know... dream on it's a crazy feeling. But, he is an embarrassment to your party. Be real. He and his rich riff raff backers must be stopped before they become the germs that cause the virus that is fast becoming a Global Plague! Invade. Invade. Accuse. Accuse. The only WMDs in Iraq were Bush's "Words of Mass Disruption". What about his "Axis of Terror"? He fingered Iran as a player. If they ever pick up the pieces of their devastating earthquake, is he going to trounce them with his command of Military Valor? Now, that's an oxymoron! He bandies the words nuclear power as if those were the first spoken words recorded in his baby book. Considering his lineage, it's most likely true. At least he could excel beyond the age of infancy and learn how to pronounce the word correctly. Mr. Bush, have you heard of Phonics? Since you don't read any newspapers, I doubt you have. I also doubt that a child's process of improvement would profit you. Speaking of profit, or the lack of it, where are you getting your trillions of given or promised dollars? I do know a great deal of it is being lipo-sucked out of us middle class play-by-the-rules folk. Hey! Our thighs are already thin. I'm certain it's not coming out of the bulging Versace pockets of your fat cat cronies. 'Cause you cut them slack tax. What? You're using Monopoly money? Maybe collectable sports antiques - sound it out: a-n-t-i-q. What am I thinking? You can't speak Yankee English. Let alone a word derived from the French! Speaking of the French, and I will, you are despised by a country that thinks Jerry Lewis is the funniest man on Earth. Does that make you the dumbest? Every word that is understandable eking its way past your mumble mouth is, to put it bluntly, a big fat propaganda lie! Yes, the events of 9/11 were horrific. That was indeed terrorism. That disastrous day will, unfortunately, be imprisoned in our hearts and minds. Mr. Bush, you use it as a trump card. Especially in your State of the Union campaign speech. Every crime is designated, by you, a terrorist act. I understand the reasons for caution. But you use terrorism as your slogan for re-election. You deem everything from a "bomb aboard" threat to a simple fender bender as a terrorist act! I have enough fear in my life. My little dude moved us into a "safe" condo complex. Hah! We have lived underneath heroin addicts and meth labs. Just to name a few. So much for your domestic policy. Oh, your administrative indiscretions are endless. But, unlike you and "chuck the environment" veep Cheney, I value conservation. So, I will not waste any more endangered, precious parchment. Goodbye GW. There is a sense making Democrat Kerrying us into a strong clean-up-your-mess future!

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