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Volume 3 #15 Sept. 29, 2003
Aging. Ya know, getting older. Do you gain years or lose them? This calls for some "backstory". When you were 16, you thought you'd be a teenager forever. Which translates: "I'm going to realize my life long dreams and marry a billionaire. I'll live in several palaces with servants who cater to my every whim." Suddenly, you're 19 and you think: "Excuse me, next year I'll be 20." So, 19 is pretty scary. 'Cause: "Where is that billionaire?" You really don't enjoy your last teen year because you're counting down the milliseconds to the dreaded 20 year old mark! And still no billionaire in sight. You reckon by the time you are (gulp) 25 you'll be rich and famous and you won't need that billionaire. So, somehow you get the bread. 30 strikes and you go down hill faster than the Olympic winning luge team. What else have you got? The aforementioned losses? Only, this time it is people. Your treasured loved ones. The people who have given you the most joyous times of your life are beginning to leave you. You are in the: "I am losing it zone." Then you get slammed on the head with the giant hammer that punctuates that you are next in line or last. Which is worse? To live in a void? That is not possible. The faces and the voices will always haunt you. Some good. Some bad. You must deal with it. Sometimes you laugh. But mainly you cry hot blistering tears. Go with it. Feel and embrace it. The people you lost and loved deserve it. Just know that you are laying this trip on yourself. Take it from one who has been there and back. Mostly there, I guess. It doesn't change much. The up side to this is that your feelings were stirred. Maybe even over boiled. At least you felt. That is something to be cherished throughout your Earth bound life span and beyond.

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