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Volume 3 #13 April 14, 2003
I am weary. I am weary of injustices. I am weary of the justifications for bombing a weary Mideast. I am weary of Bush's blurry explanations of the bombings. I am weary of the rampant changing titles of his actions. I am weary of the military who so proudly drop bombs upon weary nations that are war torn and weary of being engaged in an ongoing civil strife. I am weary of this Yankee government claiming they are not committing murder upon the weary innocents. Oh, yes! They always proudly hit there designated targets. I am weary that most people do not seem to recall "friendly fire" during the Vietnam War. Foremost, I am weary of Christians who support this. I am weary of seeing images of killings and then newspeople who hold up the weary packages of food and medical supplies that are being dropped upon weary nations. They are supposed to trust the weary handouts. These weary people are catching or dodging this weary form of propaganda. These ignorant packages are dropped with an imprint of the Yankee flag written in English! These weary people don't have the resources to translate this weary ludicrousness. If I am this weary, how weary are they.

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