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Volume 3 #12 March 3, 2003
Hello out there! A big fat World War is a comin'! Are there any brain users about? I know there are some of us who protest every way and everywhere we can. But our voices are landing splat on the prefrontal lobotomist un-administration. Why isn't everyone hip to what the school yard national/world Bully Bush... and his suckered in kiss-ass cabinet cohorts in crime... are condemning this world to suffer through?? What is this Judas Goat leading us, the soon to be slaughtered, into? What is bobble headed Bush's bicker with Saddam Hussein? Is it to wipe clean his Desert Storm dunce daddy's pre "Saddam is the New Hitler" profit procuring partying gigs? And, yes, there are smiley snaps of George and Saddam to prove it. Whatever happened to the blast bin Laden breaking news alerts? After 9/11, it was: Can you find the face of Osama bin Laden in this picture? And, if you can, YOU will win an all expenses paid luxurious trip to the Mid East and a free ride in the latest and elitist flying machine (that translates... maxi-kilos of taxpayer's bucks) fully stocked with weapons of mass destruction. And, YOU oh-so patriotic sheep of a Yankee, may even get to push the buttons that order those super high IQ bombs into screaming descention. You know the ones. They only kill the bad guys. Well, we have a new contest running. Same deal as the previous scam with a few miss-adjustments. Erase the bin Laden excursion. Now, it is "Let's all use those super IQ bombs on Iraq." You already know the propaganda drill. Somehow, in Bush's styrofoam filled "brain", Saddam Hussein is some way connected to Bin Laden. Excuse me! These two men are "Day for Night" dudes. Saddam is a ruthless dictator who is driven by his cravings for power and money. Power is first and foremost. The collected currency is just a perk. Osama is waging his frenetic form of an Islamic Holy War. Pardon the historical hints. Remember the Crusades? The good Christian Brits murdered for years to find the Holy Grail. FYI: The cup from which Jesus swallowed his last sip of the fruit of the vine. Man, they were major dumb! They expected to find a bejeweled chalice. It was most likely a "po-folks" china set, a melmac tea cup or a Fred Flintstone jelly glass. The only person who profited from this galloping jaunt was Sir Lancelot. He was entrusted with the key to Queen Guinevere's chastity belt. I hope for sweet Guinevere that Lance parried IT with gentle force. But this time, there is no lucky Lancelot with the amorous key. That rusted out long ago. This time there will only be skeleton keys left behind. Many... many... skeleton keys. Unfortunately, the dire devastating stakes have been anteed up. We're talkin' multi-on-the table nuke powered chips. Each of which has a face imprinted upon it. Yours, mine, your children's, your parent's, your grandparent's and your grandchildren's. Bush is a liar and an inept cheat. He's not anywhere near the clever bluffer who can hold a pair of deuces and confidently convince his opponent, which now seems to be pretty much the entire world, to fold their four aces and sit idly by watching him drool as his grimey hands scrape up the pot. The Bush War Machine must be stopped!! So, peace seekers. This is a "Call to Arms". Raise your arms high and display peaceful gestures. Make your voices loud but be certain your words are well chosen.

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