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Volume 3 #6 November 11, 2001
Romance Roulette: This is mostly a take on "Movie Stars" and their - millisecond in the name of lust - relationships. Whatever happened to actors? Oh well, there are a few providing us flick-fond-folk very rewarding and sometimes award winning performances. Back to the deluded dummies. Let's cite a few of the - put the bullet in the chamber and fire - flakes. Kidman/Cruise/Crow/Cruz. Rewind... It was Meg Ryan. Dennis Quaid's legal lay. Sorry, I am not a tabloid tracker. So, Meg made a film with Aussie "Hunk" Russ Crowe. Love scenes abound. Their characters fell into the pit of "It works on screen passion". So, they decided to go for it off screen. Whoa! Major mistake! It is very natural to fall in love with your current co-star. Please! Use your brains. Your raging and writhing on the dailies does not mean that you are destined to forever be united in lust. Yeah. That really proves the rule that the hero and the heroine ride off into the sunset glowingly clutching each others... well... whatevers. Summing up this never ending mess. Nicole and Tom did the dump and we are not talking a new dance craze. Tom screwed her over in more ways than one. He has his new squeeze. A nose by any other spelling would be just as bloated. Nicole wanted to be Moulin Rouge naked. Meg and Russ had their hot three months. Quaid has found another "true" love. Enough with exposition. My advice. Stay away from your "Hot Transferences" for a month or even six months. No contact. No telephone calls. No secret trysts. No persuasive pressure tactics. After you have diligently adhered to the afore laid rules and regs and you are certain in your hearts that both of you still share the same feelings... Go for it! It just might be true love!

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