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Volume 3 #4 September 28, 2001
The Freedom to Fear. This has become one of our inalienable rights. Because of the horrific events of September 11, we are trapped in the confused aftermath. We are told by the all to latent, unlistening current "administration", that our freedoms will be severely curtailed. Most notably, airport delays... traffic delays... delays... delays. We must and will adjust to these. There is one paralyzing delay that haunts us all. The right of feeling safe. None of us knows when that will again be ours because it has been displaced by the Freedom to Fear. As I tearfully scribble this to paper, I hear the sound of a helicopter circling overhead. This has happened routinely over time, which has caused me to be concerned and, more times than not, frightened. I have tried to rationalize it by telling myself: "It's a police helicopter flushing out a suspected criminal." Now, when I hear these semi-ordinary aural realities, I cringe as the horrific images of that death laden day snap my neck deep inside the whiplash of my mind. I do not know or perhaps, yearn to know, or to comprehend the retaliatory efforts and events that will follow. I do not believe that hatred conquers hatred. It nurtures and compounds it. In my Soul, I am certain Peace conquers all and it will someday be recognized as the true and ultimate solution. I have no control over the manipulative covert or overt actions that will be taken in the days, months, even years to come. I am only painfully aware that my mortal fate may be at hand. I have a friend who was born in Pakistan and one native to Afghanistan. They both sought and gained Yankee citizenship. They are two of the kindest Souls I have been fortunate to encounter. I am presently not in close touch with either of them. I am certain that their backgrounds are being bone-picked. I am afraid for their safety of body and self. Search your hearts and declare a ban on the Freedom to Fear.

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