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Volume 2 #16 December 13, 2000
Finally, after thirty six long days of arresting finger-pointing and lawyer-up tactics, we have a RESIDENT-elect! Nope. That was not a typo. Beginning January 20th, 2001, we will once again have someone residing in the White House. For the last eight years we have had a President. Before Bill Clinton, the last one we had, in my opinion, was President Jimmy Carter. Then, in 1980, doom befell the Republic... Democracy... Oh! Face it! Bureaucracy! We did not inaugurate anyone in 1981. Some rich trash from California oozed its way into the Exec-villa and obtained an eight year lease on the property with an option to sublet to slime and a scum pond Bushleauguer beak-nosed his way in. I never had a nightmarish clue that it could happen again. I cannot fathom the depth of Yankee stupidity that enabled this political suicide to survive. G W. Bushwacker slithered his reptilian, side-winding trail of scales to eventually garner his bro Jeb's state electoral votes. No wonder in his "the election is mine" interviews, he makes a smirkier than usual face when Jeb's name is brought up as a possible cabinet post candidate. He wanted Florida served up to him at breakfast in a greasy bowl to accompany his hog jowls and grits. I really do not understand why this election was not a grand landslide for Al Gore. He is intelligent. Well versed on the issues. No skeletons in his squeaky clean closet. He loves his wife and family. What the Hell happened? G. W. Bush learned on his daddy's knee how to run the filthiest campaign. That's all big bad Papa Bush could teach his carbon copy, still to this day, Baby Brat. G. W. could never earn a penny in the private sector. He failed at several oil seeking endeavors. The only way he could earn any money was to front for the Texas Rangers footballers and siphon money out of rich associates. Of course, he still had his generous allowance to squander. He brags about being the only person to win the Gubernatorial race in Texas two terms running. We all know that the Lieutenant Governor handles the state duties. All G.W. did was spend fifteen minutes reading (Gosh! I guess they must have numerous teleprompters in the Texas mansion!) the wherefores and the whys of the fates of well over a hundred possible executionees suffering their destinies in cells of fear on Death Row. They were all condemned to die by his quick read. He's proud of this?? Yet another throat choking observance. Why do these political pundants, analysts... whatever, keep applauding G. W.'s charm? When I was a wee one we raised chickens. The inevitable chicken hawks would circle the coop eyeing their next meal. As I frantically waved my arms to shoo them off, they were more engaging and likeable, even when forced with facing no lunch today, than G. W! There is such a large quantity of past and present indiscretions concerning G. W. that it would cause me to endanger the forests to obtain enough writing surface to list them. So, fellow Yanks, we are stuck with a Bad-Boy-Bush again. Be prepared: Hoard your card board for your future homes. There will be the "I will work for food" folks standing under the entries and exits of your freeways. You Yanks who voted for Bush have condemned us all to re-endure the horrors of flashbacks to twelve years of trickle down/voodoo economics. The upside of this mess is that it will only torture us for four years. As for me, I have long been shoving my little guy to move to Canada. My Yankee citizenship is history. I am Toronto bound. The snow is always cleaner on the other side of the border!

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