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Volume 2 #12 July 10, 2000
Howard Stern. Alright. I said the name. The self proclaimed "King of All Media". Probably is. He is a clever and incisive man. I know, to some of you, I may as well have shouted Howard: "The AntiChrist". Get a grip, people. Stand away from your twice on Sunday and once on Wednesday snore through the sermon mentalities. In other words; step back from your in denial prejudices. Admit it. You hate Howard and you love Howard. I don't agree with everything he says or does. He is the ultimate trip of stating and exploiting the obvious. He expounds what most of us think. Howard just places it out there in ear shot five mornings a week. And, if you have cable, you are also provided with the late night eye shot E! censored version. Which, compared to the daytime Jerry Springer "smut/slug fest", is as dangerous as Pablum! Poor Howard. He is feared as much as a "door smashing home invasion". I again proudly make my way upon the limb of that nonconformist tree I love to climb. I admire Howard Stern. I know Jocks (the ones on the radio, not the overpaid in and out of rehab ball-babies). It's a "roll the dice" life. Howard took many chances but always stood his ground. He's one of the fortunate who major made it and gets, deservedly, major paid for it. Howard is the "Perfection that Proves the Rule". So, Howard, rave on. Thank you for defining the Right of Free Speech. You truly represent us all!

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