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Volume 2 #11 June12, 2000
FLAG DAY. June 14th. It is the anniversary of the day in 1777 when the United States adopted THE FLAG. What? It came from a dysfunctional family and needed a nurturing home? Okay. My ever-so-sensitive unpatriotic nerve is MAJOR inflamed! This celebration of condescension to a piece of cloth really rattles my hackles. I have stated in previous columns my distaste (to put it mildly) of this country's constant and seemingly endless adoration that, at times, borders on worship of THE FLAG. What has THE FLAG ever done for anyone? Did it bleed during the many wars thought to keep us all from being overtaken by the currently designated "free world" menace? Oh, no. It was positioned by the remaining few who survived the battles on the top of some clump of earth that shakily stood after the bloody battles that resulted in death to some and worse consequences to others. Be they friend or foe. THE FLAG was so proudly present. But it was never wounded by the fire from a single round of ammo. It never was captured and tortured by any enemy. It only stood as an example of the dysfunctional family this world is about. But I guess it really does belong to a nurturing home. THE FLAG has been given its wish: die for me and I will wave for you. Something is painfully unfair, here. I know many of you fly the flag proudly in honor of what you suffered and those who fortunately suffer no more. I weep for you. But I fight for another cause: Peace. I may do it with print and speech. The flag, to me, will always represent the lies of a nation gone wrong.

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