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Volume 2 #9 April 2, 2000
Overpopulation!! Has anyone who inhabits this terra firma... That's the Earth, ya know. The world. The third planet from Sol, our sun. (That translation was for those of you who cruised through Spanish or French in high school. Instead of the dreaded "dead language" LATIN!!) ...heard of this raging blight? At the high school I attended, Latin was a challenging endeavor as was history since most of our text books were just a bit more recent hot sales tickets than the works of Galileo, Dante, Jules Verne and Shakespeare. Back to the blatantly serious present and future. I will assume, perhaps erroneously, that many of you "outrageous breeders" have an IQ no larger than your shoe size. Many of you boast Mensa medallions. That does not mean - - to use a colloquial term - - SQUAT!! Common sense holds the Keys to the Kingdom of the salvation of this global wide plague. I have heard the many "breed 'til it cannot be physically possible any more" excuses! For example: "It's my right to beget as much and many as my sex drive chooses". This is some bloody male and female trip to leave behind a clone of themselves to ensure their immortality. Question: This goes not just to the poor who have not been afforded a top notch education but also to the arrogant upper crust who can shell out the bucks for nannies to do the real hands and hearts on loving while they treat themselves to the elite spas and massive amounts of liposuction. Yeah. Suck is definitely the "term de jour". I am posing this to rich and poor alike. Get ready! Here comes the long awaited query! Haven't any of you dummies heard of BIRTH CONTROL?? Now, to a very controversial subject. Abortion. I agree with it in certain situations. If a woman is a victim of incest, rape or if the fetus is diagnosed to be born deformed, I could understand. It would be a personal cruelty beyond the boundaries of reality. An ongoing nightmare. But one does not wake and declare "It was only a bad dream"! Some of these women and men (I am not letting the fathers off the line.) seem to view it as: "Okay, I have six kids or more, time to terminate this one." or "I don't want to jeopardize the future of my other offspring by adding another mouth to feed." I cannot fathom these "no it alls" who live in this uncaring fog of inner deception. They can, with their grain of sand consciences, ignore their lack of hormonal control or outright laziness. To me, the point at which a life begins is at conception. Sperm meets ovum. I have a right to my opinion. Speaking of right... you right-to-lifers are a militant lot. You value the sanctity of life so much you would kill anyone who defies your tunnel vision THINKING and I use that word loosely. You would and some of you have committed murder under the guise of saving lives. Does not compute! God is the only judge in these matters. And we will all face His opinion on the evil or good deeds we have done on Judgement Day.

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