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Volume 2 #7 March 20, 2000
Potluck Suppers! Why are they called that when they're set out on picnic tables after Sunday morning services? Why not potluck brunches? It seems to be unique to Southern fundamentalist sects. They go to church at least three times a week. Some attenders listen to the minister they "hired". Some just snooze in the back pews 'til a whiff of food draws them as strongly as Wendy to his hamburgers in the old Popeye cartoons. They smell the yeah!! potluck aromas. They are suddenly wide eyed, on nose point and emerge from their comas. They are on food alert! I'm surprised they don't bring their own plates and cutlery. (I was informed some of them eagerly do.) They sing the last hymn. Then on to the gorge fest! Do they award some sort of potluck prize to whomever gets there first and eats the most? And they label us Catholics heathens! We have to fast from confession on Saturday evenings until we receive the Holy Eucharist on Sunday morning. The most sustenance we get is trying to discreetly scrape the Eucharist off the roofs of our mouths. At least we grant them time in Purgatory. Though, I don't think they're allowed to bring fried chicken and potato salad.

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