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Volume 2 #6 March 6, 2000
Noncomformity! I am a definite nonconformist! I was never a joiner in high school. Never joined a club. Never belonged to band! I could never figure out how those Pom Pon girls had such fat thighs. My nonconformist ways worry my little guy at times. Especially when we go to the State Fair. Inevitably we will arrive on Veteran's Day at noon. Hot sun hitting my skin. Then the left overs from some war or other decide to dress themselves in their uniforms and prance their pants off in some sort of parade. They carry the flag to the beat of drums. What? I'm supposed to be so impressed that I endanger my exquisitely protected skin? So, I proclaim loudly, " Look, I pay for your benefits. So, get out of my way! I want to be in an air conditioned building. Not out here watching you as I dehydrate." My man grabs and shushes me. I still have the bruises to prove it. But I still continue to mutter through gritted teeth. "This is what you fought for?" My little guy sighs and lets go of me. He smiles at me. I give him a half smirk. Then it's on to my gulping water and his having a Coke and a hot dog. We look at the giant pumpkins that win prizes. Didn't we already see them?

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