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Volume 2 #5 February 28, 2000
The News! Television news to be precise. Remember the "Goodle Days" when we used to watch a half hour twice a day and get all we needed to know? Local... National... International. You know, back when we were stuck (or blessed) with maybe three channels that aired it simultaneously in black and white. One anchor and a few reporters. No tapes of mutilated corpses or weeping victims of crimes who are deluded into talking to these "the public has the right to know microphones in your face journalists". Boy! They really love justifying their college degrees by calling themselves journalists. They can scarcely blither their own names coherently let alone give a viewer any sense or understanding of the situation they are covering. Now, we have two hours (or more) of this "news" several times a day! And there is no limit to what they subject their viewers to. I really wonder who has the granite lined stomachs to endure the graphic footage. But there's always some perky jingle that leads into this desperately seeking ratings stuff. They throw in the inevitable segments on what swimsuit to wear and what, of course, shoes will match. Are they considering donning this outfit to the next British Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts presentation of "Othello"? These are the reasons I have dubbed the news the "Fluff and Gore" shows. I am not referring to what might be the next Democratic Presidential ticket. I liken it more to a laundromat/restaurant in Hell!! I do not frequently watch these displays of bulging advertisement. I just want to get an estimate on the chances that I might get blown away by a tornado or pelted by a hail storm. That's all the "Fluff and Gore" I can withstand.

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