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Volume 2 #3 February 14, 2000
Saint Valentine's Day is probably wreaking havoc with a lot of men and women. What do you get for the special person in your life? Cards are nice but you have to spend half of your life time and savings account choosing the one that sort of expresses your feelings. Have you noticed the prices on these preprinted sentiments? So, men buy flowers and candy. Women get by with a card and a smile. The flowers are quite pleasing but face it! The obligatory heart shaped chocolates linger on the thighs! My little guy brings home a dozen red roses. Bless him. Now, his dilemma begins. I have read research studies that proclaim men's taste buds lean toward the sour. Women are expected to satisfy their cravings with sweets. Wellllll.... this is where my man runs into screeching halt trouble. Because, given a choice between a chocolate laden piece of fudge and a Kosher dill pickle, (my mouth is watering at the mere thought of it) I'd choose that pickle every time! I know he probably scours the super markets trying to find a pickle jar in the shape of a heart. He gives me his heart every day. Darling, thank you for the pickles.

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