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Volume 2 #2 February 7, 2000
Bigotry. I don't understand it. I never want to be cursed with comprehending it. I am a "WHY" person. I was taught by a very wise high school teacher that there are no stupid questions, only stupid people who ignore answering them. I guess bigots fall into the latter category. I don't think that walking up to one of you sheet wearing/hooded/crossburning/certified/nutcases and asking "WHY" would profit me any. It might quite likely get me killed. My questions would be "WHY" do you cover your identity? "WHY" do you burn crosses? You proclaim to be purging this country in order to insure Christianity. Most precisely your definition of the chosen few is: Caucasians who adhere to your form of correct behavior. That is pathetic. You burn the cross. "WHY"? By the way, are you aware that Jesus was horribly tortured and put to mortal death on one? Don't wave your Bibles - read them! Would Jesus participate in your terror fests? Jesus was Jewish. Think about it! He went through intense pain so that all of us who believe could be redeemed. I am not ignoring other religious beliefs. You probably have your own zealous nutzoids. I do not support "organized" religion. It is most always a cover for using guilt to bilk money from people who think that legal tender will buy their way through the Pearly Gates. I watch you "ever so faithful" make the news as you fall from grace. I'm not surprised but I still weep for the ones you deceived. I support the first amendment. Because, without free speech, I could not put forth my opinions on the World Wide Web. So, you bigots, keep on bellowing. I will continue to protest. "WHY" can't we let the goodness, loving and acceptance in us all come through?

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