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Volume 1 #2 July 12, 1999
President William Jefferson (don't know what sex is) Clinton has been on his "Visit the Poverty Stricken of the West and Southwest" tour. Does that mean, as it did in the Bosnia strategy: we will keep killing you until you stop killing each other? Does not compute... not compute... Oops! Got the needle stuck, there. Ergo; he must intend to employ the same bit: keep people starving to death 'til they stop starving to death. Excuse me. Does this dare to come close to any form of logical tactics? But, consider his extensive record. I can see him patriotically poised on a dais with that "I am so correct" pointing finger proclaiming the truth. Nothing happened... again, nothing happened... something happened... so, nothing or ah... something happened. This is a new one for my prewar dictionary. He had "inappropriate behavior" with - oh, you all know the beret and the name. Ouch! I just got a cramp! It isn't easy staying abreast, so to speak, of Mr. Clinton's liaisons. (This comes from a liberal and one time staunch supporter of the President.) Back to this "poverty gig". Yeah, yeah, shake hands, make nice speeches. Promise money we taxpayers must shell out. I didn't see him open the Presidential wallet. Words from poets feed the soul but only cash feeds the hungry, most of which will be forgotten after he moves on to another "save my historical butt" spectacle. Wonder how many burger joints profited from his jaunt. When he got to Phoenix, Arizona, there was a monsoon, major big time. Thunder and lightening but mostly very high winds and blowing dust. Probably, the best inappropriate behavior he's ever gotten. Say, maybe he opted for pizza!! By the way, where was the "Stand by your Man" First Lady? Off being a newborn New Yorker. Anyone catch her coverage on the cable news channels? Seems she is willing to listen and solve every problem of everyone who resides in New York State. I was waiting for something specific on ANY issue. She never even got close. President and Mrs. could form the first 24 step program. Hey, Hillary! I've got a suggestion for the platform you could run on. Know about the squirrel problem (the four legged ones) pestering Central Park? Promise emphatically that you (and you could borrow that patriotic finger of Bill's, here) will rid the entire place of those pesky critters by eating each nut they crave. There must be more than enough room in those ample cheeks of yours to guarantee a "chew in landslide".

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