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Volume 1 #19 November 22, 1999
Thanksgiving. It appears to be the "forgotten holiday". It's even been reduced to being labeled "Turkey Day". If Benjamin Franklin had gotten his preference for the national bird symbol of peace, (he nominated the turkey) would we be roasting and stuffing the endangered Bald Eagle? I have been receiving Christmas catalogues since, I affirm, July, dictating what overly expensive gifts I should purchase. Why do they assume I even know anyone that I want to dive into debt for? Let's try to ignore (ha!) the commercialization aspect and get back to Thanksgiving. I will profess to certain misgivings about this day. The pilgrims who came to this country on the Mayflower to escape persecution were not kind and open hearted - - they were conquerors! They bestowed their own forms of persecution on the Native Americans. They immediately took advantage of their trust and generous hospitality and instantly abused them. What? They were misused, so lay the trip on somebody else? (By the way, there was never an actual Plymouth Rock. It was put there by the state of what is now Massachusetts to boost tourism... seems fitting. I don't know what the first Mayflower cruise member put his or her foot on or in but I am open to speculations other than my own.) Thanksgiving is so overlooked that when I glanced at our Star Trek calendar, (Yes! I am proudly an original Trekkie!) I pointed out to my little guy that they marked it to be celebrated on a Tuesday! Whatever happened to the fourth Thursday in November? Maybe in a parallel universe... somewhere in another galaxy... a timewarp... Nah! Doesn't fly! Even at the speed of light! Back to the present. Poor misunderstood Thanksgiving has become a GORGE YOUR GUT DAY!! Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams and pumpkin pies. None of the above makes my stomach growl. (My little dude gets a Swanson frozen turkey dinner.) So, don't gain 10 pounds and sit around watching football. Give genuine thanks for your blessings. Donate money or time to your nearest food bank. There are homeless and hungry people out there who will be genuinely thankful for your givings. Put it all together: that is Thanksgiving!

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