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Volume 1 #18 November 1, 1999
Veterans Day is upon us. So, I thought to put forth my opinions on the "Flag Thing". Old Glory. Whatever that means. I should warn off those of you blinded by patriotic trust. I feel sorry for the lost and wounded in these "glorious" defenses. (By the way, my father served as a foot soldier in World War II and my uncle died as a result of being a POW for over three years.) But I still do not agree with your overblown exuberance. So, if this is going to be too painful for you to read: PDA ("patriotic discretion advised") I find nothing glorious about killing. It is abhorrent in the first degree. The thing that disgusts me the most is to do it in honor of a piece of red, white and blue cloth! It is merely that - - a piece of cloth!! I have noticed that a lot of you "flag wavers" do not know much about your ever so precious flag. You fly it on poles at night. You allow it to be accosted by rain, wind, snow, sleet and hail 'til it is tattered and deteriorated. Didn't you read the "rule book"? "How to Take Proper Care of Your Beloved Piece of Cloth and How to Give it a Decent Burial" I do not stand at events when the flag is being hoisted and reverently place my hand over my heart. I despise our National Anthem, which only - - once again that word - - "glorifies" War. (The "rockets red glare... bombs bursting..." and on and on.) That promotes War not Peace. If I want to burn a flag or sew it on the derriere of my jeans, I will purchase it myself. (Even the Supreme Court, at this writing, upholds my right to do so.) I would never consider infringing on the rights of a conscientious or lax "flag waver". I uphold the First Amendment vehemently for my rights and yours. I pay my taxes and I pray. I pray that the people empowered with governing this country will have intelligence enough to realize that power is not divinely ingrained in a piece of cloth. I pray that they will respect the rights of the individual. I respect your flag devotional propensity to shout loudly and have your numerous parades. So, disagree with me! I have the exact same freedom of expression as you!

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