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Volume 1 #17 October 25, 1999
Halloween! It is not one of those holidays that the "nine - to - fiver suits" can move to Monday or Friday so they can steal a three day weekend. Perhaps, they are afraid to change it from October 31st. The origin of this holiday is all due to the Roman Catholic Church. We Catholics regard it as "All Hallow's Eve". The single night of the year when unsuccessful Souls are free to roam the Earth. I have always reckoned that people (I guess kids are people) and their parents fear this day. So, they wear ( buy if they have the bucks or not if their mother is a talented seamstress) any weird costume that would frighten these Unholy Spirits away. Seems that now, it has become a greed to the death battle. My little dude and I give out quarters: because too many razor blades are buried into innocent looking fruit. Who knows what those perverts inject into a "used to be safe" Snickers Bar? When you get the rep for doling out cash, you become very popular. Especially with the ones who look as though they are about to graduate High School! This is a true case in point. My significant other had to run an errand of some sort. So, I was alone and it was four o'clock in the afternoon. Sun shining brightly. I thought this would be a perfect time to shower before the cute "Little Ones" would be ringing our doorbell. When I was a young door - to - door participant, the appropriate time for "Trick or Treat" was sunset. WRONG!! I began my shower and fortunately had shampooed my long locks and applied my conditioner. We are now approaching four-thirty p.m. I hear the doorbell ring. I erroneously assumed my dude had forgotten his key. I wrap my wet hair in a towel and grab his bathrobe ( it was handiest ) and peek out the peep hole. Which nearly blinded me, as the sunlight was blazing through. I saw two tiny ones dressed proudly in their Halloween garb. I am dripping wet but I could not refuse these sweeties. I opened the door. Unfortunately, I had not focused my attention on the wider scope. To the right was one of those Fat High School Freshmen who give the appearance of being held back at least a decade. I compliment the cutsies on their costumes and plunk two quarters in their bags. They say, very politely: "Thank you." But this rude git, in a demanding tone says: "I am older. Don't I deserve more." I, without missing a beat, respond: "I am standing here in an open doorway soaked to the skin and most likely catching pneumonia! So, don't push it kid!" Next day, I attend "All Saints Day Mass" with a clear conscience. I do not have to repent for that "Halloween Delinquent"!

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