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Volume 1 #15 October 11, 1999
Why do people seek out certain actors or rock stars of their same sex to obsess on? The worst of all are the Sports Fanatics! (I'll give them a good whack farther down the line.) I am a very heterosexual female. So, I adore men. I watch films to see a male actor that I am attracted to. Same goes for television shows. I sit there. Glued to the set. Gazing at the man of my dreams. I know... I know. Psychiatrists call this a "hot transference". My significant other tolerates this. Though, I think I have heard him grind his teeth a few times. It all started with Lee Marvin. I watched every project I could find him listed in. I think I am the only person who owns the sound track to "M-Squad". My mother was a bit dubious. (Lee Marvin was 23 years my senior.) My mother only got really worried when I rooted for him in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance". I couldn't help it. He was an extremely talented actor who had style. This column would rival "War and Peace" if I stayed on the Lee Marvin subject. Ah... I'm tempted. But I did promise the Sports Fanatic whack. We are now enduring the baseball playoffs. I do not believe in "Organized Sports". My significant other is not a sports nut, either. Thank you, Lord! These playoffs don't "seem" to go on forever. They DO! A non-sportster is trapped. You channel surf and that's all you can find. Soccer... male and female basketball... football... hockey. What's next? Table tennis playoffs? I will watch the fiftieth rerun of any show that does not involve sports. Yeah, I've seen the endless spots and promos for these events. When I saw one for the female basketball players, I thought they were men! Tall. Nearly no hair. I don't even get attracted to a man who looks like that! In my opinion, these "athletes" are overpaid, arrogant sports "sickoes"! Who goes for all this endless team spirit bombardment, anyway? The in the stands sports "sickoes", I suppose. I think they belong to some sort of cult and need to be deprogrammed. All I know is - I'm glad not to bear that curse. Hey! I just glanced at the "old guide" and there's a Lee Marvin flick about to come on. My nose is pressed to the screen. So, I'm outta here!

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