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Volume 1 #14 October 4, 1999
My columns deal with my personal form of social commentary. This one is committed to anger. I am angry at Wars and the people who initiate them. Vietnam goes without saying. Was it a Police Action? A War? It was most definitely a War! And then there was Bush's "Desert Storm". Was that just blowing dust? He vowed he would destroy the evil Saddam Hussein. Somehow, he didn't. Saddam lives on and is still a world threat. Put the leaders of these things in a room and let them "duke" it out! Snap! The Wars would end. That is the solution. Not all that other propaganda shoved out that was to save us from our dreaded enemies. Slogans run amok. "Make the World Safe for Democracy"... "The War to End All Wars". What did this country gain? A rep for killing people? After World War One, we left Germany in such a poor condition it was primed for a leader like Hitler. Just about anyone would have succeeded. The German people were that desperate. He brought in his shills to rally support from the crowds. (I would never condone his actions or the genocide atrocities) But how do we know it's so uncommon even in this country? Remember the people who were killed in the South for wanting their civil rights. The internment camps for Japanese Americans? I am not saying they were submitted to physical abuse. They lost their homes, dignity and most of all their FREEDOM! That's what this country is supposed to represent isn't it? (I told you I was angry) Our political leaders buy people and then sell them. It's as if it were some sort of stock market. My significant other always says: "Take a deep breath and calm down." I will when Peace Rules.

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