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Volume 1 #12 September 20, 1999
My significant other and I have just wasted, it seems as though it was, at the very least, two and a half decades being bored with the Emmys. The saving grace was David Hyde Pierce in the open. There happens to be another Niles: not just NIles/Frasier. But the overlooked Daniel Davis. The Butler on the "Nanny". We women all know why we watch these award shows: to knock the clothes. The actresses are always draped in a "must see" designer original. Joan and Mellissa Rivers who, I affirm are joined at the lips, pitch back and forth with nothing but laughable embarrassment. Joan is always shoving her microphone into someone's face and annoying them with the ever uttered: "Who are you wearing?" Like someone's on her back. The show was enjoyable especially when the actor you rooted for actually won. John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston... My "Dream Win" would have been William Shatner. "The Big Giant Head" on "3rd Rock". He has been called a "hambone actor" for so many years. He truly IS a great actor. Have you ever noticed on those syndicated reruns that he delivered the most stupidly written dialogue in the most believable way? Now, that is an actor! Mister Shatner, you would get my vote (when I become a member of the Academy) every time.

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