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Bryan T. Beasley and Carol Ann Carson 
To Trekkies Everywhere! This script was originally completed on 6/25/88. The authors, have copyrighted this document and reserve all rights to it. We would like this script to be distributed around the Internet and reprinted as long as we are notified of its distribution and nothing in this introduction or script is altered in any way and it is not for profit. Our E-mail address is: bbeas10355@aol.com The story was conceived during the early days of "The Next Generation" and it was our attempt to make the characters what we thought they should be, rather than the way they were at the time. Our concept of the characters eventually came about, certainly not due to any influence of ours but just because that was the way it should be. The script was originally written when Dr. Crusher was on board but during the time we were trying to sell the script Dr. Pulaski was on the show, so we rewrote it. We actually preferred the relationship between Pulaski and Picard over Crusher. You will note that the Captain is strong and Wesley is almost absent. This was before they decided to do that on the show. We did attempt to sell the script but were unable to make the proper contacts. Because of the interest on the Internet, we have decided to make this story available to Star Trek fans as we believe it to be something you will enjoy reading and imagining for yourself what it would have looked like had it actually been produced. Your comments are welcome to the E- mail address above. However, please do not waste your time if you simply want to criticize the story or the writing. We have gone on to other projects and do not intend to make any alterations in this script. Live Long and Prosper, Bryan and Carol TEASE INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK Data is standing in front of a door to a Vulcan's quarters, waiting for entrance. Data touches his communicator. DATA This is Data to Lt. Plovik. Are you there? There is no reply. Data walks over to the black panel, running along the corridor. He touches the panel. It lights up with a display of the ship. DATA (continuing) Locate Lt. Plovik. COMPUTER Mr. Data, Lt. Plovik is in his quarters. Riker walks up as the computer is responding. RIKER Is there a problem, Data? DATA As a matter of fact, there is, sir. I had an appointment with Lt. Plovik earlier today, that he failed to keep. Now, I have learned that he is in his quarters but is not responding. RIKER We can certainly have Engineering give us access to his quarters. DATA Commander, I am concerned about invading his privacy. RIKER But, Data, don't you think it's possible he might be injured? DATA You have a point, sir. Perhaps, we had better contact Doctor Pulaski in that event. Riker touches his communicator. RIKER Riker to Sick Bay... The camera moves away from Riker and Data, directly to the doorway to Lt. Plovik's quarters. DISS. INT. LT. PLOVIK'S QUARTERS A Vulcan male and female are sitting on the floor in front of a Vulcan statue. Each has their hands on the other's face. FADE TO OPEN INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK Riker, Data and Pulaski are standing in front of the doorway to Lt. Plovik's quarters. The doors open. Data walks into the room. INT. ENTERPRISE - LT. PLOVIK'S QUARTERS Data looks to the left where he can see Plovik and his wife in front of the statue. Data turns around and exits the room. INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK RIKER (concerned) Well, is he alright? DATA (puzzled) Commander Riker, they appear to be engaged in some form of meditation. I hesitate to interrupt them. RIKER But, still, don't you think it's strange that he didn't keep his appointment? PULASKI Why don't we ask one of the other Vulcans on board if this is irregular? Riker touches his communicator. RIKER Riker to bridge. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE WORF WORF Lt. Worf here, Commander. RIKER (over the bridge speaker) I'm on the crew deck in front of Lt. Plovik's quarters. Check the Duty Roster for a Vulcan in this area and have him report to me. WIDER ANGLE Picard is sitting in the Captain's chair. He looks in Worf's direction and notes the conversation. Worf pushes several buttons on the console. WORF Commander Riker, no Vulcans have reported for duty at all, today. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (interrupting) I heard that, Will. What is your situation there? INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK RIKER Sir, Data says that Lt. Plovik and his wife are in a state of meditation. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE PICARD PICARD Mr. Data, is there anything unusual about the positioning of their hands? INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK DATA Yes, sir, actually, there is. They are touching each others' faces with their hands. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE PICARD PICARD (concerned) They're both touching. You're absolutely sure? DATA (over the bridge speaker) Yes, sir, quite sure. PICARD (urgently) I'm on my way. Under no circumstances, are you to attempt to communicate with them. WIDER ANGLE Picard stands up and walks quickly toward the turbo-lift. The doors open and Picard turns in the doorway. PICARD (continuing) Lt. La Forge, you have the Con. The doors close. Geordi walks toward Worf. ANGLE - GEORDI AND WORF GEORDI So, Worf, how did the Duty Roster get so messed up? WORF (turning sharply; very indignant) What do you mean by that? GEORDI (teasing) You're Chief of Security. How is it that all these Vulcans failed to report and you didn't notice? WIDER ANGLE Geordi turns to the rest of the bridge crew who are already looking in their direction. Geordi is smiling slightly. BACK TO SHOT WORF I received all of the reports and that qualified personnel had been assigned to the watch. GEORDI Didn't you think it was a little odd that all the slackers were Vulcans? WORF (bristling) The ship was not on alert status. I saw no need to do other than log that personnel had been reassigned. GEORDI When the Captain comes back, he's going to expect a full report on this, and, if I were you, I would have all the facts. WORF (growling) If you feel there has been any improper conduct in this situation, I will not hesitate to stand before a Court of Inquiry. GEORDI Anti-grav, here, a little, Worf. Can't you tell when I'm not being serious? WORF I understand the concept of humor. But, I will not be the end result of what you humans call a 'joke'. I intend to file a full report, including your behavior on the bridge. Worf turns away from Geordi who looks ashamed of his actions. Worf pauses and then turns back to Geordi. WORF (continuing) Perhaps, now, the result is on your end, Lt. GEORDI (tamed) Oops! INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK Picard is walking briskly down the corridor toward Data, Riker and Pulaski. They are standing in front of Lt. Plovik's quarters, waiting for him. Picard walks directly to Pulaski, ignoring Data and Riker. PICARD (crisply) Doctor, activate your medi-scanner. Come with me, but you must remain quiet. Pulaski turns on the device and follows Picard into the room. INT. - ENTERPRISE - LT. PLOVIK'S QUARTERS Picard and Pulaski walk into the room and observe the two Vulcans. The two Vulcans have not moved. PICARD (continuing; in a whisper) Take your readings now, Doctor. Pulaski stoops down to take the readings as Picard circles the couple, intently. Picard looks down at Pulaski, questioningly. She looks up and nods and they exit the room. INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK Riker and Data are still standing outside the quarters when Picard and Pulaski emerge. PICARD (continuing) Commander Riker, contact Engineering and have these quarters closed. Then, inform Security that all Vulcan quarters are off limits to ship's personnel. Picard turns abruptly to Pulaski. PICARD (continuing) I think you'll find, Doctor, that your readings register almost no life signs. PULASKI (surprised) Yes, sir. But how did you... Picard turns to Riker, interrupting Pulaski. PICARD I'll be in my quarters. DATA Sir, what is happening? PICARD (amazed) What is happening, Mr. Data, is... Picard pauses. PICARD (continuing) R'poen! Picard begins to walk down the corridor as his communicator signals. Riker is in the background, talking on his communicator. Picard stops and touches his communicator. The door to Lt. Plovik's quarters closes. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (continuing) Picard, here. WORF (over the communicator) This is Lt. Worf on the bridge, sir. Starfleet has alerted us that an urgent message is forthcoming. PICARD I'm on my way to my quarters, Lt. Pipe it down there, Picard, out. WIDER ANGLE Picard continues walking briskly down the corridor. INT. ENTERPRISE - CREW DECK RIKER What the hell is R'poen? DATA I am unable to determine the meaning from my knowledge of Vulcans. PULASKI By the Captain's manner, it certainly is serious. He knew what my medi-scanner would read before we even went into the room. RIKER What about the rest of the crew? Is this thing contagious? PULASKI I don't know. The Captain is being awfully tight-lipped about this. I'm Chief Medical Officer aboard this ship and I am entitled to an explanation. Pulaski walks in the same direction as Picard. ANGLE DATA DATA And I do believe she will get one. INT. PICARD'S QUARTERS Picard is sitting in the chair behind his desk console. On the wall behind him, a Chagall painting is hanging. It is "Bonjour Paris". The painting measures two feet high by a foot and a half wide. Picard turns in his chair and touches the right bottom corner of the painting's frame. The painting slides to the left, revealing a black panel. Picard places his hand on the panel. The panel illuminates the outline of his hand and a tone is emitted. The panel disappears to the left, behind the painting. A shelf slides straight out from the wall. On the shelf is a white panel with the silhouette of a hand on it. There is a computer view screen above it. ANGLE COMPUTER Picard places his hand on the panel. The silhouette begins to glow and Vulcan symbols begin flashing on the view screen. ANGLE PICARD AND VIEW SCREEN A sound is heard, signaling that someone wishes to enter Picard's quarters. Picard turns his head abruptly toward the door and then back. He quickly raises his hand off of the panel. The screen clears and the shelf slides back into the wall, as the black panel and painting slide shut. WIDER ANGLE Picard turns around in his chair. PICARD Come. The door opens and Pulaski marches directly to the front of Picard's desk. PULASKI (indignant) In case you've forgotten, Captain, the health of this ship's crew is my responsibility. You obviously have some knowledge of this situation, which you have chosen to keep from me. I now want to know what that is. PICARD That's quite a speech, Doctor. I certainly did not mean to slight you. I would be more than happy to explain... Picard's communications console signals, interrupting him. ANGLE COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN WORF (on screen) Bridge to Captain. ANGLE PICARD PICARD Picard, here. ANGLE COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN WORF That message from Starfleet is coming in, Captain. It is Priority One. WIDER ANGLE Upon hearing this, Pulaski hesitantly backs away from the desk. PICARD Hold a moment, Lt. Picard pushes a button which cuts off his voice transmission to the bridge. Picard motions to Pulaski to come forward. PICARD (continuing) Please stay, Doctor. This, indeed, concerns you. Pulaski returns to the front of the desk. Picard pushes a button. PICARD (continuing) You may proceed with the transmission, now. ANGLE COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN On the screen is Starfleet Vice-Admiral Coburn. ANGLE PICARD AND COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN PICARD (continuing) This is the Captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard. COBURN Captain, this is Starfleet Vice-Admiral Coburn. We have been receiving reports from all over the Galaxy of Vulcans going into some kind of trance. All attempts to communicate with Vulcan Space Central have been futile. What is your situation? ANGLE PICARD PICARD I'm not surprised, sir, that this is a Galaxy wide phenomenon. The Vulcans on board my ship are experiencing what is known as R'poen. ANGLE PICARD AND COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN COBURN R'poen? Apparently, Captain, you have some insight into what is, to us, a mystery. What is your assessment of this incident? ANGLE PICARD PICARD Admiral, my studies of Vulcan history reveal only one, prior, known occurrence of R'poen. It is the linking of all Vulcan minds, for one reason, toward one objective. ANGLE COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN COBURN What were the circumstances of that occurrence? ANGLE PICARD AND COMMUNICATIONS SCREEN PICARD Records of the circumstances are vague, sir. But, it does indicate a dilemma of great urgency for Vulcan society. COBURN In light of your understanding of this situation, Captain, and your proximity to the planet, I'm ordering you to proceed to Vulcan and take whatever action you deem necessary. Starfleet will be awaiting your report. Coburn, out. WIDER ANGLE PULASKI (business-like) Captain, You must understand that my primary concern is the crew. I acted... PICARD (cutting her off) Tut, tut, Doctor. It was an oversight on my part. I should never have allowed myself to become so obsessed with the events of the moment. EXT. ENTERPRISE The Enterprise warps through space. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE Picard is seated in the Captain's chair. Riker and Troi are seated on either side of him. Data, Geordi and Worf are at their posts. PICARD Mr. Data, how long until we achieve orbit around Vulcan? DATA Under ordinary circumstances, Captain, it would be in two minutes and twenty-five point seven seconds. However, my sensors indicate a very large number of objects already orbiting the planet. GEORDI He's right, sir. Getting this ship into orbit is going to be harder than putting a size twelve foot into a size eight boot. DATA (to Geordi) According to the twentieth century humorist, Peter Cook, he should get a larger pair of boots for his tremendous feet. ANGLE GEORDI Geordi double takes. ANGLE WORF WORF Receiving a multitude of transmissions, sir. Should I put them on screen? ANGLE PICARD PICARD Mr. Data, take us to sub-light speed. Yes, Lt. Worf, by all means. ANGLE MAIN VIEWER The screen becomes divided into multiple sections, each showing a different being, attempting to communicate. The images shift place on the screen and pop in and out as some images replace others. WIDER ANGLE Over the bridge speaker, the crew hears many individuals all trying to communicate at once. WORF Sir. These transmissions are going to overload the communications console. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (standing up) Worf, isolate one of those transmissions and bring it full, so I can make some sense out of this babel. ANGLE WORF WORF Which one, sir? ANGLE PICARD PICARD Any one, Lt. Just make it so! ANGLE - PICARD AND MAIN VIEWER One section of the screen zooms full. The being is an Andorian named Laven. PICARD (continuing) Unidentified Andorian. This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the United Spaceship Enterprise. Please identify yourself and state your reason for orbiting this planet. LAVEN (agitated) I am Laven. I deal in delicacies unique to Vulcan palates. I have a fortune in perishable merchandise that I am unable to deliver. PICARD Laven, we are aware of the difficulties concerning the planet Vulcan. However, my mission here is not to see to the completion of your business transactions. My orders are directed only at the welfare of Vulcan and, at the moment, you are an obstruction. LAVEN (angry) That's fine for you, Captain. But I have my cargo to deliver and, as a member of the Federation, it's your responsibility to... PICARD (cutting him off) Laven, I do not need you to tell me my responsibility. I, hereby, declare your vessel to be a menace to navigation and order you to vacate orbit. Picard turns to address Worf. PICARD (continuing) Lt. Worf, open hailing frequencies to all orbiting craft. ANGLE WORF Worf activates lighted squares on the communications console. WORF All hailing frequencies open, sir. BACK TO SHOT Picard turns to face the screen. PICARD Attention all orbiting vessels. This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the United Spaceship Enterprise. I am here on official Federation business and I am ordering you to vacate orbit. One of my crew will be in communication to assist you in maneuvering. Picard, out. LAVEN (outraged) There will be repercussions for your actions! PICARD Terminate all communication. Mr. Worf, set up a command post on the battle bridge and see to the removal of those ships. WIDER ANGLE WORF On my way, Captain. Worf walks toward the turbo-lift. Picard sits down. PICARD Mr. Data, bring us to a full stop within sensor range and begin a scan of the planet surface. DATA Implementing now, sir. ANGLE PICARD, RIKER AND TROI Picard turns his head toward Riker. PICARD Will, due to the nature of this incident, I am going to head the away-team, myself. You'll have the Con. Picard begins to turn to Troi but Riker protests. RIKER Excuse me, Captain. I think we'd better discuss this. Picard turns sharply back to Riker. PICARD (adamant) Commander, there will be no discussion. I am going and that is it. TROI Commander Riker, I think your objection is futile. I sense the Captain's determination. Picard turns to Troi. PICARD Counselor, that's precisely why I do want you along. I'm going to need your deep, intuitive sense of what is happening. WIDER ANGLE DATA Captain, so far, sensors reveal no activity. Is it possible that all of the inhabitants are experiencing what you previously described as R'poen? PICARD Quite likely, Mr. Data. Continue scanning. Mr. La Forge, open a hailing frequency to Vulcan. GEORDI Aye, sir. PICARD This is the Enterprise, calling Vulcan Space Central. Do you read? GEORDI There is no reply, sir. PICARD Just as I expected. DATA Sir! I have an unusual reading on my sensors, now. PICARD What is it, Mr. Data? DATA It appears to be a shield, obscuring a very small area from the sensor probe. PICARD Address the ship's library computer and, based on your coordinates, display a visual of the area on the main viewer. ANGLE MAIN VIEWER On the main viewer, appears the image of a mountain with Vulcan statues on either side of the open entrance. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (continuing) Most unusual. Vulcan employs no shields. Especially, at Lamia Potu. ANGLE PICARD AND RIKER RIKER Captain, I'm really surprised at your knowledge of Vulcan. I'll bet it makes an interesting story. PICARD (evasively) It has been said that Vulcan ideology is a very private matter, not to be discussed with out worlders. RIKER Can you, at least, tell me what is so special about this place? PICARD Lamia Potu? Roughly translated, it means Mountain of Serenity. It is a very, ancient, hallowed place of contemplative introspection. WIDER ANGLE PICARD (continuing) You may clear the main viewer now, Mr. Data. Are we capable of penetrating that shield? DATA Due to the small area involved, sir, penetration would be impossible without destroying the structure. ANGLE PICARD AND RIKER RIKER That means going in there blind and unarmed, since Vulcan prohibits personal weapons. We can't risk you under those circumstances. PICARD (miffed) I am not a tot, Commander Riker, and I don't need a nanny. I have made my decision. RIKER As you know, sir. I cannot allow you to do anything that would compromise your safety. Captain, let me head the away- team. Picard leans back in his chair, looks at Riker and sighs. PICARD Very well. But you damn well better handle it by the book. INT. ENTERPRISE - BATTLE BRIDGE Worf and Wesley are standing at the console. The sound of multiple communications is coming over the speaker. Worf abruptly pushes several buttons and the sound is cut off. WORF Wesley, this project is becoming extremely time consuming. If I could, I would scatter these ships across the Galaxy with my bare hands. WESLEY What if we instruct the computer to plot their departure paths and automatically transmit it to each vessel at regular intervals? WORF No, programming the computer would take longer than doing it manually. WESLEY But, Worf, there is a spaceport simulator program built into the computer already. All we have to do is tie in the locater sensors to the computer and it will do the rest. WORF As you wish, Ensign, you may proceed on my order. INT. ENTERPRISE - TRANSPORTER ROOM Riker, Data and Troi are standing on the transporter platform. There is an engineer manning the control console. DATA Crewman, are the proper coordinates for the beam-down point locked in? CREWMAN Yes, Mr. Data, all locked in. RIKER Data, just where will that put us? DATA Three meters from the entrance, sir. RIKER Isn't that cutting it a little fine? DATA Commander, is it your implication that we should arrive farther away, perhaps to use stealth to our advantage? RIKER No, Mr. Data. I just wanted to miss the shield. DATA Oh! Definitely, sir, by precisely one meter. RIKER Well, as long as you're sure there is an adequate safety margin... TROI (interrupting; impatient) Gentleman. I suggest, if we are ever going to begin this mission, that you either readjust the coordinates or commence transporting. Riker looks at Troi, then at Data. He pauses, clears his throat and looks at the crewman. RIKER Crewman, energize. Riker, Data and Troi begin to dematerialize. EXT. VULCAN Riker, Data and Troi materialize in front of the entrance to Lamia Potu. Data scans the area with his tri-corder. RIKER (continuing) Any readings, Data? DATA The shield is sufficiently powerful to mask any attempt to gather information, sir. RIKER How about you, Counselor, any impressions? TROI I sense mental activity beyond the entrance. I definitely feel that we should proceed with caution. The beings in there are not in R'poen. Riker touches his communicator. RIKER Riker to Captain. PICARD (over Riker's communicator) Picard, here. RIKER We're on the surface, directly in front of the entrance. Tri-corder readings are impossible but Troi senses activity inside. We're going to have go in and investigate. INT. ENTERPRISE BRIDGE - ANGLE PICARD PICARD Once inside, the shield will prevent you from communicating with the ship. You have one hour to assess the situation and report back. If I don't hear from you, Will, I'll assume you are in trouble and beam down a search party. EXT. VULCAN RIKER Understood. Riker, out. Riker touches his communicator. RIKER (continuing) Okay, we've got an hour. Let's get the job done. Riker, Data and Troi proceed through the entrance, with Riker leading. INT. LAMIA POTU Riker, Data and Troi are walking down a cave-like corridor. It is lit by torches along the walls. RIKER (continuing) Mr. Data, does it seem to you we're walking downhill? They stop walking. Data stands still and then appears to rock back and forth slightly. DATA Indeed, sir. We are descending at a two point five degree angle. RIKER Is your tri-corder picking up anything yet? Data sweeps the area with the tri-corder. DATA This shield is of an unusual configuration. The interference is strong. We shall have to move farther on to obtain anything meaningful. They continue walking down the corridor. INT. LAMIA POTU - A SHORT TIME LATER The corridor forms two separate paths. Riker, Data and Troi walk into view and stop at the junction. Suddenly, Troi gasps and raises both arms, spreading them apart. Riker and Data are startled and turn toward Troi. RIKER What is it? What do you feel? TROI There is so much emotion. Also, there is so much power. Troi appears anxious and begins to quiver. Riker steps toward her and lightly places his hands on her shoulders. This interrupts her impression and she lowers her hands to her temples and slumps a little toward Riker. RIKER Deanna, are you alright? TROI (shaken) It was like being drawn into a swirl of sensations that radiate from a terrifying core. Riker lowers his hands to Troi's arms to steady her. RIKER Are you going to be able to continue? TROI (regaining composure) Commander, we are on a mission. I must continue. Riker removes his hands from Troi and pats her on one shoulder. He steps back to examine the two paths. RIKER (pointing to the right) Data, you and Troi go that way. I'll take the left. DATA Sir, do you think it is wise to separate under these uncertain circumstances? RIKER Wise or not, the Captain gave us one hour and there are two paths. DATA Mathematically speaking, sir, it would have been an easier decision if it had been three hours and three paths. Or... two hours, two paths and four individuals. Or... RIKER (impatient) Yes, Data. But it's just the three of us. We'll try to communicate with each other at regular intervals and meet back here in thirty minutes. Data looks at Troi and then back to Riker. DATA Agreed, sir. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE Picard is pacing back and forth in front of his chair. Worf is standing at his post. Picard stops pacing and turns to Worf. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (anxious) Elapsed time since beam-down, Mr. Worf? ANGLE WORF WORF Fifteen minutes, Captain. ANGLE PICARD PICARD Any success penetrating that sensor shield? ANGLE WORF WORF None, sir. WIDER ANGLE PICARD Continue scanning for any weaknesses in the shield. (pause) Damn this isolation! Mr. La Forge, mark the time in five minute intervals. Picard begins pacing again. INT. LAMIA POTU - LEFT PATH Riker is cautiously walking down the path. The distant sound of voices is heard and he stops and touches his communicator. RIKER Riker to Data. Are you reading me? INT. LAMIA POTU - RIGHT PATH Data and Troi are standing still. DATA Very clearly, Commander. The shield obviously does not prevent communication within the structure. INT. LAMIA POTU - LEFT PATH RIKER I can hear sounds directly ahead of me. I'm going to investigate. Anything happening with the two of you? DATA (over Riker's communicator) Nothing here, sir. We are proceeding forward. RIKER I'll check with you after I find out what's ahead. Riker, out. Riker continues walking slowly down the path. The sounds get gradually louder. Now, they are clearly speech and laughter. The speech is not understandable. Riker walks to the entrance and stops. INT. LAMIA POTU - SMALL CHAMBER Inside the chamber is a group of young Vulcan males and females. The group is scantily dressed and indulging in obvious, lusty behavior, drinking from goblets, kissing and caressing. The group does notice Riker but it does not affect their activities or alarm them. Riker moves farther into the room. RIKER (continuing) I'm Commander William T. Riker of the Starship Enterprise... Two of the females sensuously walk over to Riker and begin stroking his hair and body. The room is smoke filled and Riker blinks his eyes. RIKER (continuing) This is all very pleasant, ladies, but hardly what I expected to find on Vulcan. FIRST VULCAN FEMALE Although you are human, I desire you. Come, join us in the celebration. Riker attempts to resist but appears light-headed, due to the smoke. ANGLE FIRST VULCAN MALE He is standing in an alcove with a shelf. On the shelf is a large, golden pitcher and one, golden goblet. The Vulcan looks craftily at Riker and fills the goblet with liquid from the pitcher. WIDER ANGLE The Vulcan male walks over to Riker and the two Vulcan females. He hands the goblet to the first Vulcan female. They smile at each other and the Vulcan male backs away. The first Vulcan female holds the goblet up to Riker's lips. FIRST VULCAN FEMALE (continuing) You must not resist. Drink. I burn for you, my eyes are flame. This liquid will kindle your blood. The aroma of the liquid causes Riker to jerk his head back. The first Vulcan female tilts his head forward and forcefully puts the goblet to his lips. Riker, unable to resist, swallows a little and then grabs the goblet and drinks it down. Riker begins to swoon. He throws the goblet away and laughs. The group of Vulcans also laughs. The two Vulcan females begin to pull at Riker's clothing. He puts his arms around them and watches, pleased. INT. LAMIA POTU - RIGHT PATH Data and Troi are proceeding down the path. As they cautiously approach, a red, smoky glow becomes visible. Laughter and loud conversation are heard as they continue to approach. There is an opening to the left of the entrance to the large chamber. INT. LAMIA POTU - LARGE CHAMBER There is a pit in the middle with red smoke rising from it. There is a path that runs from the entrance to the back of the chamber, encircling the pit. In the sunken area on either side of the path, there are many young Vulcan males and females kissing each other and drinking from goblets. They are stroking each other and some are eating meat, feeding each other from skewers, cooking in the pit. Data and Troi enter the chamber. At the back of the chamber is a raised area with a male lounging on it, his back to Data and Troi. On either side of the raised area, are two, stone pillars with Vulcan statues on top. He is surrounded by three scantily clad Vulcan females. One of them is filling a goblet from a pitcher. The other two are sitting. They are kissing and caressing him. Data looks around the chamber. DATA (turning to Troi) Most unusual. Counselor... Data notices that Troi's attention is riveted on the raised area in front of them. He follows her gaze. The male lounging on the raised area turns casually and looks directly into Troi's eyes. ANGLE TROI Troi begins to shake a little as she continues to look into his eyes. ANGLE RAISED AREA One of the females sitting next to him attempts to regain his attention by pulling at his shoulder. VULCAN FEMALE Sonam...Sonam. Sonam brushes her hand away and sits up. He continues to stare at Troi. ANGLE DATA AND TROI Troi starts to shake even more. However, her attention remains fixed on Sonam's eyes. DATA Counselor Troi, can you explain what you are experiencing? TROI (stammering) His mind...so black. He attacks me with great fear. DATA (stepping forward) Sir, you will cease this activity, immediately. ANGLE SONAM Sonam laughs wickedly and continues to stare at Troi. SONAM I am Sonam. I take no note of you, emotionless being. However, it amuses me to torture the mind of Troi. WIDER ANGLE Troi moans. Her eyes flutter and she begins to faint. Data instantly moves to her, picks her up and carries her out of the chamber. ANGLE RAISED AREA Sonam reaches to the female on his right, grabs her and embraces her, passionately. INT. LAMIA POTU - RIGHT PATH Data sets Troi down, propping her against the wall. He touches his communicator. DATA Data to Riker. (pause) Data to Riker. (pause) Commander, are you able to respond? (pause) Data picks up Troi and walks up the path. INT. LAMIA POTU - SMALL CHAMBER - ANGLE CORNER Riker's uniform is lying in the corner. His communicator is plainly visible on the uniform. ZOOM WIDER ANGLE The small chamber is empty. EXT. LAMIA POTU Data and Troi are outside the entrance to Lamia Potu. Troi is seated, unconscious. Data is down on one knee, supporting her. Data touches his communicator. DATA Data to Enterprise. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE PICARD Picard is seated in the Captain's chair. PICARD Picard, here. Mr. Data, what is your status? EXT. LAMIA POTU DATA I am with Counselor Troi at the beam down point. She appears to be suffering the ill effects of an extreme mental barrage. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE PICARD Transport up immediately, there will be a medical team standing by. Picard, out. Picard touches his communicator. PICARD (continuing) Picard to Sick Bay. Send a medical team to the transporter room. I'm on my way. Picard stands up and begins to walk toward the turbo-lift. EXT. LAMIA POTU DATA Transporter room, two to beam up. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE PICARD Picard is standing in the turbo-lift. The doors are open. PICARD Two to beam up? The turbo-lift doors shut. INT. ENTERPRISE - SICK BAY Pulaski is arranging devices and pushing buttons on various consoles. The Sick Bay doors open and two orderlies push a gurney with Troi on it into the room. Picard and Data walk in behind them. DATA I am sorry, sir. I truly did not mean to misplace Commander Riker. The orderlies stop the gurney next to the examining table. Pulaski sweeps her medi-scanner over Troi. Picard and Data move in closer to the table. Pulaski withdraws the medi- scanner. PICARD How is she, Doctor? PULASKI She seems to be in a state of shock. I'll know more after a complete examination. Pulaski turns to the orderlies. PULASKI (continuing) Transfer her to the examining table and administer 3cc's of sodial valnine. ANGLE PICARD Picard touches his communicator. PICARD Captain to bridge. INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - ANGLE WORF WORF Lt. Worf, here. PICARD (over bridge speaker) Mr. Data and I will be in the de- briefing room. You and Lt. La Forge join us there. WORF Aye, sir. INT. ENTERPRISE - SICK BAY Picard and Data turn to leave the room. PICARD Doctor, let me know when she becomes conscious. Picard and Data exit. Pulaski turns to the examining table and begins to push buttons on the console. The panel to Pulaski's left illuminates and a three dimensional representation of the brain appears and rotates on the screen. There are many multi-colored flashes surrounding it. Pulaski places her hands on either side of Troi's face. PULASKI (loudly) Deanna! Deanna! You're in Sick Bay. This is Doctor Pulaski, can you hear me? Pulaski looks at the screen as she talks. Some sections of the brain glow briefly and then dim. Pulaski removes her hands from Troi's face and turns to one of the orderlies. PULASKI (continuing) There is a great deal of brain activity but it is all directed within. She's just not responding properly to external stimuli. All we can do now is keep her comfortable and hope she comes out of it on her own. INT. ENTERPRISE - DE-BRIEFING ROOM Picard, Data, Geordi and Worf are seated around the table. PICARD So, Mr. Data, in your opinion, this Sonam is the source of Counselor Troi's condition? DATA Unquestionably, sir, his mental power far exceeds my understanding of the abilities of Vulcans. PICARD And the other Vulcans continued their unusual behavior? They took no notice? DATA Quite correct, sir. Picard leans back in his chair and cups his chin in his hand. PICARD To sum up, we have what appears to be the leader of a group of nonconformists, who has initiated an attack on Counselor Troi. They may or may not be the catalyst which brought about the state of R'poen. The First Officer is missing and potentially in danger. WORF (anxiously) Captain, I'll put together an armed security detail to beam immediately down to the planet and locate Commander Riker. GEORDI I agree, sir, and request permission to join them. Picard sits straight up in his chair. PICARD Unfortunately, gentleman, I'm going to have to veto that. We are dealing with a very complex and touchy situation. Vulcan is a member of the Federation and, as such, is entitled to our aid when requested. (pause) There has been no such request. GEORDI But what about Commander Riker? We just can't leave him down there, sir. PICARD Geordi, I am also concerned about Will. Our first duty is as representatives of Starfleet. We have insufficient information to justify interfering. Therefore, Mr. Data and I are beaming down to the planet. I will attempt to determine our role in these events. Mr. Data will search for Commander Riker. Picard stands up. The others follow. PICARD (continuing) Mr. La Forge, you have the Con. Do not initiate any further action. Should you feel that we have been out of communication too long, you may report to Vice-Admiral Coburn and await his orders. Make the record of this briefing available to Doctor Pulaski. EXT. ENTERPRISE The Enterprise is in orbit around Vulcan. INT. LAMIA POTU Picard and Data are walking down the corridor. PICARD (continuing) Mr. Data, I find this situation personally distressing because of my admiration for the Vulcan way. Considering the price that all Vulcans have paid for their peace of mind, how can this group cast it aside so casually? DATA Perhaps, Vulcan is in the early stages of a period of civil unrest. Much like Earth's mid-twentieth century or France of the 14th and 15th centuries under the reigns of Charles the Cruel and Louis the Wise or was it Charles the Wise and Louis the Cruel? (pause) At any rate, I would think of interest to you, Captain, Louis the XI was, in 1465, when France was on the verge of anarchy, able to rally the bourgeoisie and maintain his power. Despite the fact, that he was an ugly, obese, sickly man with a large head. ANGLE DATA Data looks at Picard, questioningly. BACK TO SHOT PICARD Yes, Data, your analogies may have some bearing. As long as you don't carry them to far and cast me as Louis the Cruel, also known as the Universal Spider. Picard and Data walk up to the junction of the two paths. They stop and Data points toward the left path. DATA That, sir, is the path Commander Riker followed. PICARD Do be careful, Data. I've already lost one valuable crew member and I do not intend to lose another. DATA (pleased) Thank you, sir. But it is you who will be facing a powerful being. Data and Picard begin to walk down their separate paths. INT. LAMIA POTU - LARGE CHAMBER Sonam is seated on the raised area, drinking from a goblet. There is a Vulcan male in the sunken area near the smoking pit. He is playing a Vulcan harp. One female is dancing suggestively on the runway and around the pit. Some of the Vulcans are watching the dance, while the others are engaging in lusty behavior. The female is directing her dance to Sonam who is obviously enjoying it. Picard appears in the entrance way and looks around the chamber. A few of the Vulcan males reach up from the sunken area and pull the dancer down with them. There is much laughter and the music stops. Picard steps forward. Sonam glances at Picard, puts down the goblet and claps his hands. SONAM Attention, enlightened ones. We have a guest. The chamber grows very quiet and the occupants focus their attention on Sonam and Picard. PICARD I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the United Starship Enterprise. Am I addressing Sonam? SONAM (motioning with his hand) Come in, come in, Captain. Join us. Let us not stand on ceremony. Picard steps farther onto the runway. PICARD Under other circumstances, I would accept your hospitality but I am here to locate one of my crew members. Do you have any knowledge of his whereabouts? Sonam laughs. SONAM (to the Vulcans) Sel'Piah Humahn takt'Laktia! The Vulcans laugh. PICARD (stoically) Sel'Piah Vulcan lakeeb Kolinar. The crowd gasps. SONAM (to the crowd) The Captain is no ordinary human. (to Picard) You have knowledge of Vulcan! PICARD (stepping forward) Enough to know that this (spreads his arms) is not Vulcan. SONAM Sad, very sad. Your observation is obsolete. We are the new Vulcan. Picard takes another step forward. The smoke in the room is beginning to effect Picard. Perspiration breaks out on his forehead and he reaches up to wipe it away. PICARD What caused this? Where is your self- discipline? This is not logical. Sonam stands up and takes a step forward onto the runway. SONAM On the contrary, this is quite logical. Is it logical for a being to deny his inner self? We wear a mask of no emotion while inside our flesh screams with feelings. The crowd, in a loud whisper, chants "Sonam" twice. Sonam takes another step forward. Picard sways slightly and takes a half step back. SONAM (continuing) For too long, as a race, we have caged ourselves. Slaves to our thoughts. Cold computer minds existing in dead isolation. Picard sways back a step. The crowd chants "Sonam" twice. Sonam takes a step forward. SONAM (continuing) We choose life! Picard attempts to stand up straight, as if trying to maintain control. PICARD You are very small in number. Vulcans all over the Galaxy are fighting you in R'poen and the Federation supports them. Sonam takes a step forward. SONAM You are wrong, Captain. R'poen supports us and one of your Federation is with us, also. Sonam points to his right, indicating a dark corner. SONAM (continuing) Your Number One! ANGLE DARK CORNER Two females untangle themselves, revealing Riker. He is dressed the same as the Vulcans. He has his arms around them and kisses them, oblivious to the rest of the chamber. BACK TO SHOT Picard staggers back as if he has been struck. He is now back to the entrance. He stops and shakes his head, trying to clear it. He continues to stagger back into the corridor. The crowd chants loudly, once, "Sonam". INT. LAMIA POTU - RIGHT PATH Data walks out of the opening to the left of the entrance to the large chamber. Picard staggers out of the entrance. Data rushes over to support him so he does not fall. DATA Are you ill, Captain? Picard is moaning and having trouble breathing. Data puts one hand to Picard's face and stares, intently at him. DATA (continuing) Pulse rapid, perspiration, pupils dilated. Sir, I believe you have been drugged. INT. ENTERPRISE - SICK BAY Pulaski is seated at a console near where Troi is lying, still unconscious. Troi begins to moan. Pulaski jerks her head in that direction and then stands up and rushes to her side. PULASKI Deanna, can you hear me? Troi squirms and moans a little. PULASKI (continuing) Do you know where you are? Troi moans louder and her eyelids flutter. PULASKI (continuing) You must try to come out of it. Tell me where you are. TROI (distant) I cannot allow this... I have to stop it. PULASKI Deanna, you're safe, now. You're in Sick Bay. Try to wake up. Troi moves her head back and forth, as if struggling. TROI Captain! Get out, Captain. Troi stops struggling and opens her eyes wide. TROI (continuing) My beloved Bill is lost. Tears begin to stream down her face. A communicator tone is heard over the Sick Bay speakers. MORAN (over speakers) This is Transporter Chief Moran. Captain Picard and Commander Data have just beamed up and it appears the Captain is in some difficulty. They're on their way to Sick Bay. Transporter room out. Pulaski touches her communicator. PULASKI This is Dr. Pulaski. All medical personnel go to stand-by alert. ANGLE SICK BAY DOORS Picard and Data walk through the Sick Bay doors. Data is still supporting Picard who is protesting. PICARD I assure you, Mr. Data, I'm quite alright. You may let me go of me, now. PULASKI (walking over to them) Captain, you sit down right over here and let me be the judge of that. ANGLE PICARD, DATA AND PULASKI Pulaski is pointing toward a chair. Data attempts to maneuver Picard in that direction. PICARD How is the Counselor? Is she conscious? PULASKI Sit! Now! Picard shrugs his shoulders and sits down. Pulaski sweeps her medi-scanner around Picard. DATA (hovering) Doctor, the Captain was exposed to a mind- altering substance. It was an easy deduction, for me. A text-book case. Rapid pulse, pupils... PULASKI (cutting him off; sharply) Your diagnosis is confirmed, "Doctor" Data. PICARD Yes, thank you, Commander. But, perhaps, your talents would be better utilized on the bridge. Data looks at Picard and stiffens. DATA Indeed, as you wish, sir. Data executes a very, military turn and exits the room. PULASKI Whatever the drug was, Jean-Luc, the effects are dissipating, rapidly. PICARD Doctor, I want a full analysis of that drug, immediately. I want to know what it is. Pulaski motions to an aide, who walks over to her. PULASKI Take this medi-scanner and give me a complete break-down on the laboratory computer and cancel stand-by alert. Pulaski hands the medi-scanner to the aide, who exits the room. ANGLE TROI TROI Captain, where are you? Are you still in the chamber? WIDER ANGLE Picard stands up. He and Pulaski walk over to Troi. Her eyes are open but she is staring, vacantly. PICARD I'm here, Counselor, with you in Sick Bay. PULASKI She became semi-conscious a little while ago and seemed very concerned about you. TROI I knew you were in danger. I know I'm in Sick Bay. It is as if I am also in the chamber. Captain, I'm afraid. I must break free. PICARD (soothing) Deanna, I understand. But it is important that I know what is happening. Please try to tell me what you are feeling. TROI It is very difficult, Captain. His mind is possessed with great power and intelligence but his emotions exist on many levels without restraint. PULASKI Captain, it may not be wise to continue this. Deanna is very vulnerable. PICARD (ignoring Pulaski) Go deeper. I must know the origin of his actions. Troi winces, as if in pain. TROI Many forces are working against him. Tremendous self-hatred and frustration that result in fierce anger. Troi winces again. PULASKI That's enough! I've got to sedate her. PICARD So be it. Pulaski administers an injection. Troi relaxes, immediately. PICARD (continuing) In your opinion, Doctor, what kind of personality did she describe? PULASKI It's not my speciality but it sounds like the manifestations of a deep-rooted psychosis. INT. LAMIA POTU - LARGE CHAMBER Sonam is seated on the raised area, holding a goblet. He appears restless and tense. He throws down the goblet, thrusts out both arms and pushes over the two, stone pillars on either side of him. The statues fall over and break. One of the Vulcan females comes over to him and tries to stroke him. He pushes her away and forces the tips of his fingers together, concentrating on his hands. INT. ENTERPRISE - CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Picard is seated with his hand placed on the panel of his Vulcan computer. Vulcan symbols appear on the view-screen. A tone is heard. PULASKI (over speaker) Captain, it's Dr. Pulaski. I have the lab results. PICARD Come. The door opens and Pulaski walks in. She is holding a small, square, object in her hand. She walks over to where Picard is seated and stands, waiting patiently. PICARD One moment. I (pause) just have to finish... Picard lifts his hand off of the panel and abruptly turns to face Pulaski. PICARD (continuing) What have you found, Doctor? Pulaski has been staring at the Vulcan computer. PULASKI (startled) It is an unknown drug, sir. By its chemical composition, it appears to affect certain areas of the brain, making the user open to suggestion and more easily influenced. It could cause a distorted sense of reality, depending on the dosage and the way it enters the body. Picard extends his open hand toward Pulaski. PICARD That is insufficient for my needs. I'll feed the information into my computer. Pulaski hands him the small, square object. Picard turns back to the computer and puts the square into a slot to the left of the panel. Picard puts his hand back onto the silhouette and Vulcan symbols scroll up the view-screen. PULASKI Excuse me, Captain. Just what kind of computer is that? PICARD (tersely) Another time, Doctor. Pulaski opens her mouth as if to speak. She closes her mouth and looks miffed. She folds her arms and begins tapping her right hand against her left arm. Picard takes his hand off of the panel, hesitates, then turns back around to Pulaski. PICARD (continuing) This is indeed interesting. The drug is Saturah, derived from the Saturah plant. It was used during Vulcan's barbaric age. Pulaski drops her arms and listens, intently. PICARD (continuing) The use of the drug was banned and the plant was thought extinct for over five thousand years. PULASKI Then where did it come from? PICARD Recently, there has been a resurgence of the drug usage on outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone. PULASKI Romulans! How did it get back on Vulcan? PICARD That is a very, good question, Doctor. I must go back and face Sonam to find the answer. Can you concoct an antitoxin? PULASKI I could give you a general, neural stimulant. But, Captain, the effects would be unpredictable and possibly dangerous. I am a Doctor and I cannot, in good conscience, sanction it. Picard folds his hands and looks at Pulaski, intensely. ANGLE PICARD PICARD There is no alternative. We are Starfleet. The future of a Federation planet is at stake. One of my crew is suffering mental anguish and another has been made to violate his sworn oath. Discounting my personal kinship to Vulcan philosophy, my duty is clear. BACK TO SHOT Picard places both hands, palms down, on the desk. PICARD (continuing) Now, please leave, as it will take a moment for me to prepare. Picard places the tips of his fingers together and concentrates on his hands. EXT. ENTERPRISE The Enterprise is in orbit around Vulcan. INT. LAMIA POTU - LARGE CHAMBER Riker is seated in the lower level, near the smoking pit. A Vulcan female rips a piece of meat from a skewer and puts it in her mouth. She looks seductively at Riker. He leans forward and bites the end of the meat and strokes her arm with his hand. Sonam is standing on the runway above Riker. Another Vulcan female is standing next to him. SONAM You are enjoying yourself, Number One. I am prepared to provide many such pleasures to a valuable convert, such as yourself. RIKER (distracted) I like to think I'm open to new ideas. Especially, when they're presented so attractively. SONAM I am intrigued by your experience and knowledge of the Galaxy. I am sure someone of your rank could tell me much. Riker stiffens and stops stroking the female. Riker looks at Sonam, suspiciously, and tries to stand up. RIKER I think it's time I got back to the ship. Sonam stares deeply into Riker's eyes. SONAM You do not have to leave, now. Sonam turns to the Vulcan female as Riker slumps back to the floor. Sonam whispers to the female, who smiles. SONAM (continuing) Stay and indulge yourself with my special one. The female steps down to the lower level and embraces Riker, tightly. ANGLE ENTRANCE Picard is standing in the entrance. He stares directly at Sonam and then steps confidently onto the runway. WIDER ANGLE SONAM (continuing) Captain! Have you come to celebrate the New Vulcan or do you delight in being humiliated? Picard takes a step forward. PICARD I see nothing new here. This is Vulcan crawling in its infancy. SONAM How dare you, a mere human, presume to judge us? Picard takes another step forward. PICARD I dare, because I submit that you are a liar and a fraud. You are using drugs and superior, telepathic power to twist and manipulate the minds of these young Vulcans. The noise level in the chamber lessens as the group begins to take notice. They turn and face the runway. Sonam takes a step backward. SONAM Manipulate? My followers are free. I brought the drug as a gift. It intensifies our appreciation for feelings too long buried. Picard takes another step forward. PICARD Your gift is Saturah. The group of Vulcans gasps. PICARD (continuing) Known to be in use near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Do you propose that your followers behave like Romulans? SONAM We are all proud to show our common ancestry and emulate our brothers, the Romulans. Picard takes another step forward. PICARD A true Vulcan would not display pride and would not select such violent, insensitive rabble as his pattern. Sonam takes a step backward. The chamber is absolutely quiet. SONAM (wildly) Violent, prideful, yes, the way a Romulan father should be. Unlike my cold, unfeeling, cursed Vulcan mother! Picard takes another step forward and addresses the chamber. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (methodically) The truth has been revealed. You have been led astray by a disturbed soul. Reach deep within your Vulcan heart. Extend your mind and become one in R'poen. BACK TO SHOT Individual Vulcans turn to each other and place their hands on each others' faces. ANGLE SONAM Sonam presses his hands against his head, as if in pain. He reels backwards toward the raised area. He stands straight, facing Picard and crosses his arms. He forcefully pounds his shoulders with his clenched fists and disappears in a transporter beam. ANGLE PICARD AND RIKER Riker struggles to pull himself up onto the runway. Picard extends his hand and helps him up. Riker shakes his head, as if trying to shake off the effects of the drug. PICARD (continuing) Welcome back, Number One. RIKER Am I welcome, sir, after what I've done? Picard still has hold of Riker's right hand. With his left hand, Picard grasps Riker's right arm, reassuringly. PICARD I won't ask you about your Vulcan experiences, if you don't ask me about mine. Picard's communicator beeps. He releases Riker and touches his communicator. ANGLE PICARD PICARD (continuing) Picard, here. DATA (over communicator) Sir, the shield is no longer blocking our sensors. Do you wish to beam up? PICARD A transporter beam emanated from this chamber. Mr. Data, I want to know the destination, immediately. DATA (over communicator) It did register on our sensors, sir. We attempted to trace it, unsuccessfully. WIDER ANGLE A tall, thin figure in a white, hooded robe (Spock?) appears on the runway. Picard notices him and steps away from Riker. PICARD Commander Riker is standing approximately one meter in front of me. Lock on and beam him up. I shall follow, momentarily. Riker disappears in a transporter beam as the robed figure walks toward Picard. Picard turns to the figure. PICARD (continuing) Tell me, ancient one. How is it that The Way did not prevail? ROBED FIGURE You are here, are you not? INT. ENTERPRISE - BRIDGE - A SHORT TIME LATER Riker, Troi, Data, Geordi and Worf are at their posts. The Captain's chair is empty. A period of time passes in absolute silence. Data looks around the bridge, curiously. His glance stops on Riker, who appears deep in thought. Riker notices Data. RIKER Something wrong, Mr. Data? DATA An observation, sir. I do not recall the bridge ever being this somber. GEORDI (turning around) That's right, Commander Riker. You and Counselor Troi do look different to me. TROI You are both correct. My experience with a malevolent being such as Sonam has left me with inner turmoil that I have not yet resolved. ANGLE RIKER Riker glances at Troi briefly and then casts his eyes downward. ANGLE WORF WORF He is, after all, half Romulan. This is just the sort of covert, unscrupulous action they would take to infiltrate the Federation. ANGLE RIKER RIKER You may have a point, Lt. Worf. Whatever his motives, he obviously didn't expect to come up against our formidable Captain. The confrontation was beyond words. WIDER ANGLE The turbo-lift door opens and Picard starts to walk onto the bridge. DATA (to Riker) Sir, you will, no doubt, always find it difficult to describe the Captain's tremendous feat. Picard has been walking briskly toward his chair and appears not to have heard Data. He sits down and settles back. Everyone has been looking at him. Picard continues to look directly at the main viewer. Data turns back around. Everyone's attention is focused on the main viewer. Picard sits up a little, glances down at his feet, then settles back in the chair. PICARD Take us out of orbit, Mr. Data.
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